9 steps to a successful Black Friday referral marketing campaign

There may still be some lingering uncertainty in 2021, but when it comes to Black Friday, there’s no doubt it’s going to be big. After another challenging year, the annual event presents a valuable opportunity for retailers to drive sales, boost revenue, and entice customers (old and new) with special deals.

How International Friendship Day increased new customer acquisition by 75%

This year’s International Friendship Day (IFD) on the 30th July saw Oxford crowned as the UK’s friendliest city, lifelong rivals Barbie and Bratz calling a truce, and, according to our data, plenty of brand recommendations between loved ones. 

Want to boost sales and acquire loyal customers? Plan Black Friday now

Black Friday had to move online in 2020, thanks to restrictions we’ve (hopefully) seen the end of in 2021. While we’re now seeing a return to some kind of normality, this year’s retail event on 26th November looks set to be another day dominated by virtual shopping.

Don’t miss the one thing that’ll make Black Friday 2021 really interesting

As an industry, we mistakenly treat Black Friday like the bluntest of instruments. 

The big day celebrated by Cadbury, Dove and Vodafone your brand is overlooking

30th July marks International Friendship Day (IFD), an annual event with huge potential for your brand’s profile and bottom line.

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