Frequently asked questions

An introduction to Mention Me

How does Mention Me work?

Mention Me is a referral marketing and customer retention platform. We nurture customers along their lifecycles to become brand advocates who spend more, return often and recommend your business to others.

Our platform seamlessly integrates into clients’ websites to serve highly targeted content to engage customer segments and drive actions, such as buying again, giving NPS feedback or referring friends.

Which brands does Mention Me work with?

We work with B2C brands in every sector, from finance, food and fashion to travel and utilities. At last count, we’d delivered more than 2.5 million referrals totalling £600M+ in revenue and increased customer lifetime value for 400+ brands around the world.

Here’s what our clients say about working with us.

How is Mention Me different to other platforms?

Featuring sophisticated data analysis, referral name-sharing capabilities and testing by cohort, our unique platform fuels sustainable growth for brands across sectors. But we’re about much more than our cutting-edge technology.

We provide hands-on support and guidance, rooted in driving referrals, customer advocacy and retention for 400+ brands. Empowering you to get in-depth insights into your customer segments that you can turn into action and strategic business decisions.

How can Mention Me achieve my business goals?

We’ll create your referral marketing and/or customer advocacy and retention strategy based on your business goals. If, for example, your priority is driving newsletter sign-ups, reducing churn or acquiring new customers, that’s what we’ll tailor your programme to focus on. Plus, our platform’s flexibility means you can easily adapt your programme to changing business objectives.

Once you start gaining data on how to engage your different customer segments, we’ll help you analyse it to optimise your programme and build customer lifetime value. You can also apply these learnings to improve your wider marketing strategy and make sure the customer remains at the heart of everything you do.

Is Mention Me a good fit for my business?

If you’re a B2C business with satisfied customers and strong monthly order volumes, we’re likely a good fit. Our customer-led growth approach works most effectively for B2C brands with enough monthly orders to achieve statistically significant A/B test results (crucial for optimising your programme).

However, we’re open to the odd exception. If you don’t meet our criteria but see potential in driving growth from your customer base (such as if you’re a B2B company that works with individual freelancers), get in touch.

Getting started

How much does Mention Me cost?

We know you're looking for a figure here, but every business is different.

We’ll provide a platform fee quote based on your business objectives and forecast. This includes everything, such as setting up and design changes, so you won’t have to worry about unexpected costs further down the line. Get in touch to discuss pricing for your business.

What resources do I need to launch my referral and retention programme?

Our integration is light touch and requires very little development resource on your side.

We'll ask your marketing and/or development teams to add three tags (plus any extra promotions) into your website: post-purchase, referee and landing page. We’ll also ask your development team to add a <div> container into the checkout page to display the ‘Been referred by a friend?’ link.

We can tailor every element of the journey to your brand, working alongside your designers. You’ll just need to supply our Client Success team with your branding guidelines (e.g. logo, fonts, brand colours, etc) and imagery.

How long does it take to go live?

On average, it takes 30 days to launch a new programme (although it can be much less). We’ll create a timeline based on your specific requirements and work involved at your kick-off meeting.

Is Mention Me integrated with other tech providers?

Yes. We’re integrated with platforms including Ometria, Magento and Shopify. You can find out more on our partnerships page.
Referral marketing

How does the referral process work?

A referral programme incentivises existing customers (referrers) to introduce your brand to their friends (referees). Rewards are given for successful introductions that convert into new customers.

Here’s an overview of how the customer journey works.

What are the best referral rewards?

Your referral offer and how you promote it can make or break your referral scheme. Our sophisticated AB testing by cohort capabilities mean you can discover what best motivates your customers and optimise your programme. Strategic AB testing can improve programme performance by as much as 30%.

We recommend offering a referral incentive that can't be found elsewhere on your site. Customers, for example, are unlikely to share 10% off with friends if new customers can claim 10% off using a code on the homepage. 

You can test referral rewards including:

  • Free gift vs discount
  • Third party vs own brand reward
  • Framing offer - referral vs. referee offer first

Download our guide to AB testing for more ideas.

How do you fulfil customer incentives?

We can fulfil rewards in a number of ways:

  • Coupon codes. The most common method of fulfilling a reward, this gives the customer a unique code to use at checkout. It also enables auto-coupon functionality, automatically applying the coupon to basket if the customer shares the offer by name or via a link
  • Coupon links. This drives customers to where you've applied their account credit on your site
  • Link to a dedicated landing page promoting your referral offer 
  • Third party vouchers - for retailers such as Amazon, M&S and others.

Looking for another fulfilment method?  Get in touch.

Do I need to provide single-use coupon/voucher codes?

Ideally, yes. Single-use codes works best for refer-a-friend programmes.

However, if you can't provide single-use codes, let us know. We have some other suggestions.

Can I avoid rewarding existing customers?

Yes. Simply give us a list of your existing customers (or customers who've ordered within a certain time period). If they try to redeem an introductory offer, we'll let them know they're not eligible.

How can I monitor referrals for fraud?

Our programme makes it easy to monitor referrals and avoid rewarding ineligible customers.

We're also on hand to give you advice and the tools for managing any fraudulent activity.

Which sharing methods work best for refer-a-friend?

Mention Me offers 16 sharing methods, including email, personalised link, and social channels like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, vKontakte, Weibo, Viber & LINE.

We also offer our Name Share™ feature to support everyday brand recommendations. This feature lets customers tell friends to enter their name at checkout for an exclusive referral reward.

While some sharing methods, such as name-sharing and email, tend to perform better than others, A/B testing is key to discovering the best method for your business. We’ll advise on the best methods to start with, then work with you to test these over time.

All our sharing methods are fully customisable for desktop and mobile. We regularly add new sharing methods, so let us know if you think we're missing any.

How can Mention Me help me capture word-of-mouth?

Our name-sharing feature lets customers naturally recommend brands in conversation. Across our clients, it drives 30% more referrals.

Check out this name-sharing blog post to learn more.

Customer advocacy and retention

How does Mention Me increase customer retention rates?

Our platform equips you to understand and interact with your customers as individuals, providing the tools for nurturing them to become loyal brand advocates who keep coming back.

Sophisticated A/B testing and segmentation capabilities mean you can serve highly targeted messages to the right people at the right time. Driving desired actions, like buying again, leaving a review, or giving NPS feedback.

How do you segment customers?

We’ll advise on the best starting point for your segmentation strategy based on factors that align with your business priorities. For example, order frequency, average order value or order number. Once you start learning about your customers, we’ll refine this to create advanced segments that drive even better results. You can experiment with every element at every stage of the customer lifecycle, from the homepage to post-purchase, to learn exactly what motivates different customers to take desired actions.

We offer 25 segmentation options that you can combine in thousands of ways, so the potential to segment and learn about your customers is limitless.

How do I decide which engagement content to test?

We’ll help you decide which messages to test based on factors such as your customer insights, your goals, and what’s worked for other brands like yours. For example, if you know that app users are more likely to repeat purchase, we’ll explore how to increase app downloads. 

We’ll work with you to continuously build on your tests and learnings to optimise performance.


How important is A/B testing for my programme?

A/B testing is crucial to driving value from our platform and running a successful programme. To achieve statistically significant results and optimise performance, we generally work with brands that generate a strong volume of monthly orders. We can tell you more about this on a demo call

How do Mention Me’s testing capabilities differ to other platforms?

Unlike other platforms, we A/B test by cohort. This means you can test multiple variations concurrently to gain insight into how specific elements impact customer behaviour, without the influence of other factors (such as seasonality). 

We’ll create a strategic testing roadmap based on your business objectives. Empowering you to  better understand your customers, make data-led decisions, and drive higher returns from your customer base.

How can I analyse my programme’s performance?

Our dashboard shows every element of your referral and retention programme’s performance in a way that’s easy to understand and act on. This includes your referral funnel, AB and multivariate test results, and in-depth customer insights. Plus, our Client Success team is on hand to guide you on analysing this information and optimising your programme for even better results.

Mention Me referral and retention dashboards


What results can I expect?

On average, Mention Me delivers 10x ROI.

Our referral programmes increase new customer acquisition by 10-30%, and these referred customers are 5x more likely to refer others. But every programme is unique. We’ll work with you to drive the best results for your business.

Check out our case studies to learn more.
Resourcing & support

How involved will my customer service team be with running my programme?

If your referral and retention programme uses a coupon code/link mechanism, your customer service team will only need to be involved in some processes.

For example, we automatically fulfil coupon codes, but some customers might ask about receiving their reward. In these cases, your customer service team can use our administration system to check on the status of purchases and rewards.

We’ll provide customer service training and are here to help as needed.

How much support does Mention Me provide its clients?

We offer different levels of support depending on your pricing plan. As a minimum, we offer email and chat support. For clients on Full Service and Enterprise plans, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager who will help continuously optimise your programme.

International requirements

Does Mention Me work with international brands?

Our platform runs referral and customer retention journeys for brands around the world. We offer more than 15 languages and currencies, and frequently implement new ones.
Partnerships & integrations

Does Mention Me partner with other businesses?

Yes. We run two partnership programmes – agency and technology – to provide our clients with an even better service. On the tech side, we’re integrated with companies including Ometria, Shopify and Magento. Agency-side, we work with the likes of Good Growth, We Make Websites and Epsilon Abacus.

Find out more on our Partnerships page.

How can I become a Mention Me partner?

The process varies depending on whether you’re a tech or agency business, your company size, and the type of partnership. 

We’re always looking for new partners. Get in touch to find out more about our partnership programmes.

How will Mention Me promote our partnership?

The level of promotion will depend on your business and our partnership. 

Get in touch to find out more about our partnership programmes.

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