How to unlock more revenue, without more resource

As the pandemic rages on, it’s increasingly clear consumer behaviour has changed for good. Instead of going in-store, shoppers are going online. Often, they’re discovering new challenger brands that can fulfil their needs when their traditional go-tos are struggling.

6 business objectives referral marketing can achieve in 2021

It's a new year. Time to start afresh, put that new marketing strategy into action, and drive long-term results.

But if you're wondering how you'll hit those ambitious targets, don't panic.

Here's how referral can drive your business – regardless of its size, sector or target demographic – to achieve six key objectives for the coming year and beyond.

How to drive record revenue for your business this festive season 2020

Spanning Black Friday, Christmas and the Boxing Day sales, the golden quarter represents a valuable time for brands to drive sales and acquire new customers.

10 highlights from the Mention Me Awards 2020

On 1st October, we hosted our first ever virtual Mention Me awards ceremony. It was a brilliant event, packed full of fun facts, outstanding referral marketing campaigns, and even some surprise prizes. Here are our favourite moments from the ceremony.

8 A/B tests to optimise your referral and retention marketing metrics

Did you know segmentation and A/B testing can increase your referral marketing and customer retention programme's performance by as much as 80%?

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