The big day celebrated by Cadbury, Dove and Vodafone your brand is overlooking

30th July marks International Friendship Day (IFD), an annual event with huge potential for your brand’s profile and bottom line.

How to increase sales for your brand this Valentine’s Day

Whether it makes you swoon or cringe, Valentine’s Day is almost here – and it presents a big opportunity for your brand’s bottom line. Even if you don’t sit in the traditional gifting sectors. 

A record-breaking Black Friday: insights from 450+ brands

After a tough year, anticipation for Black Friday 2020 was high. For consumers, it was a chance to get a good deal, splash out on much-needed treats, and even do some early Christmas shopping. For online and multi-channel retailers, it was a chance to acquire customers, boost profit margins and hit sales targets before year-end. 

Black Friday 2020: what consumers want this retail weekend

For the fourth year running, we asked 2,000 UK consumers about their plans for Black Friday. Here are our most interesting findings.

Chinese Singles Day: the biggest retail opportunity on the planet

11th November marks Chinese Singles Day, the world's biggest 24-hour shopping event. And it's not just Chinese brands that should be excited about it.

For western brands, the day presents a valuable opportunity to drive sales and significant revenue. In 2020, the case for getting involved in the big day is even stronger. Here's why.

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