Chinese Singles Day: the biggest retail opportunity on the planet

You’d be forgiven for assuming that Black Friday is the busiest shopping day on the planet, given the global hype and surging sales it generates each year. But there’s another retail extravaganza that claims the top spot: Chinese Singles Day.

How to drive record revenue for your business this festive season

As the dust settles on Q3 and we say goodbye to summer for another year, brands are busy gearing up for the all-important golden quarter, spanning major retail events including Black Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day. Between scoffing pigs in blankets and sipping mulled wine, consumers will be merrily buying gifts for others (and themselves), making the final three months of the year a huge opportunity for brands to drive orders and acquire high quality customers who continue buying in the new year.

Why (and how) luxury retailers should get involved with Black Friday

If you’re a luxury brand, you may wince at the thought of running a Black Friday campaign. The retail event has become synonymous with big discounts, a prospect that doesn’t typically scream ‘luxury’. You may even find yourself wanting to hibernate on November 26th, instead choosing to focus on preparing your promotions for the (much more glamorous) festive period. 

9 steps to a successful Black Friday referral marketing campaign

There may still be some lingering uncertainty in 2021, but when it comes to Black Friday, there’s no doubt it’s going to be big. After another challenging year, the annual event presents a valuable opportunity for retailers to drive sales, boost revenue, and entice customers (old and new) with special deals.

How International Friendship Day increased new customer acquisition by 75%

This year’s International Friendship Day (IFD) on the 30th July saw Oxford crowned as the UK’s friendliest city, lifelong rivals Barbie and Bratz calling a truce, and, according to our data, plenty of brand recommendations between loved ones. 

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