Why Outsource Referral?

Achieve sustainable results with minimal risk

Refer-a-friend is a cost-effective marketing channel proven to deliver long-term results. But running it in-house involves time, money and risk.

That’s why the businesses most successfully using referral marketing outsource their programmes.

Our teams are on hand to plan, implement and optimise your refer-a-friend programme based on the learnings of working with 400+ brands worldwide. So you can focus on your day-to-day while driving results like new customer acquisition, increased lifetime value and boosted brand awareness.

4 reasons to outsource refer-a-friend

Save time & money

Building referral in-house requires people, time and money. Even once you invest all three, there’s no guarantee it’ll work.

Outsourcing your refer-a-friend platform means you can launch an effective marketing channel that gives you maximum control with minimal work.

Our referral platform can be implemented with just two JavaScript tags in as little as a day. And, if you decide further down the line that referral isn’t quite right for your business, you can simply end the contract. (We’ll do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen though.)

Without AB testing, a refer-a-friend programme is frozen in time

After launching an in-house refer-a-friend programme there is no scope for the marketing team to test or improve it. The first offers that go live are usually based on the marketing team’s initial hypothesis of what might best incentivise sharing behaviour and there is no way to test those once it is live.


The marketing team need to be able to AB test everything about the refer-a-friend scheme – the creative, messaging, the offer types and the offer amounts – in order to figure out what works best. It rarely makes sense for an in-house team to build this level of sophistication whilst it does make sense for an outsourced refer-a-friend provider to build it for multiple clients.


Mention Me has a full AB testing platform so that the marketing team can make any changes they want without any development involvement. We enable different offers to be served to different customers (either for testing, segmentation or personalisation) and for those offers to continue to be displayed to those customers and their friends at all touch points in the user journey, even if the marketing team have moved on to testing new offers.


Without the ability to AB test and optimise it's likely a referral programme will never drive more than 3-5% of new customer acquisition. With AB testing that figure is 10-30%. AB Testing your referral marketing drives on average a 6x improvement in performance over the first 6 months.

Experimenting with your referral programme

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Without AB testing, referral delivers 3-5% customer acquisition; with AB testing it rises to as much as 10-30%.


Take advantage of expert insight

Social interaction sits right in the middle of the refer-a-friend marketing funnel. And, as we all know, no two people are the same.

Optimising your referral programme requires continuous learning and improving at every stage of the customer journey. We’ve designed our platform to support this, showing you which parts of the funnel are working well and which could benefit from further experimentation.

We’ve worked with more than 450 brands around the world across every sector, so have an in-depth understanding of what works for different audiences. Your Client Success Manager will use this extensive experience to optimise your programme and deliver the very best results.

Reduce the risk

Building a referral platform in-house is a significant risk. It takes time, costs money and offers no guarantee of results. That’s likely to make it incredibly hard to present the persuasive business case needed to secure the necessary upfront investment.

Outsourcing refer-a-friend offers a solution.

Our set-up fee is significantly less than an internal build, and our cost-per-acquisition pricing model means we’re as invested as you in achieving success. (It works: check out our case studies to see results we’ve already delivered for some major brands.)

Farfetch referral programme case study

Mention Me and Farfetch: Referral Case Study


Glasses Direct referral scheme case study

Mention Me and Glasses Direct: Referral Case Study


Outsourced referral program case study: Emma Bridgewater

Mention Me and Emma Bridgewater: Referral Case


To discover how we could help with your refer-a-friend marketing channel, get in touch at hello@mention-me.com.

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