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Black Friday 2021- how to drive long term results (on the day & beyond)
2pm Wednesday 8th September
​​​​​​​Tune into our webinar to discover:Exclusive insights into ecommerce trends across sectorsExamples of brand campaigns proven to drive results How to turn Black Friday shoppers into loyal customers
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The Digital High Street: how to turn window shoppers into loyal customers
16th September
On the 16th of September, we’ll explore how retailers can keep up with this rapidly evolving landscape to nurture customer loyalty and drive sustainable revenue. Join us to discover how to serve experiences that keep your customers coming back – and introducing their friends.
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Taking Referral to the Next Level
An interactive workshop bursting with best practice insights, tailored advice, and fresh ideas for running your best referral campaign yet. 
15th September 2-3pm
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How to use your existing customer base to deliver customer expereinces
Wednesday 21st April
Referrals are the magic conversion point when your customers become your best brand advocates. Learn how first part data is used to drive low cost methods of acquisition and retention
How to turn your customer base into an engine for growth
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Join Abi, Director of Client, to discover how to unlock powerful business growth from your customer base
Live Q&A
Your Improved Preview section
Join Anca Filip, Head of Product, and Anna Stark, Head of Design, to discover how to make the most of your improved preview section.
5 Marketing trends for 2021
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For many of us, 2020 has been a challenging year. But with the right approach, we can emerge as better marketers ready to drive our best results yet. Our webinar reveals how.
Black Friday & beyond. Driving sales and acquire loyal customers
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How to turn Black Friday shoppers into loyal customers
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Connect your acquisition & advocacy tools to increase customer lifetime value post COVID
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Find out how to retain new customers and build advocacy and how using new integrations can supercharge your customer retention
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