International Women's Day 2021: what it means to Mentioneers

8th March 2020 marks International Women's Day, a time to celebrate women's achievements while continuing the fight for gender equality.

Here at Mention Me, we're lucky enough to count many impressive women as Mentioneers. While we firmly believe in celebrating them often, not just one day a year, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to promote their voices and learn how we can better empower one another. So we asked four female colleagues about the impact of Covid-19, women in power, and their advice for others. Here's what they said.

Press release: Mark Choueke and Natalie Barrie join Mention Me

To support our next phase of growth, we've hired Mark Choueke as Marketing Director and Natalie Barrie as Head of Sales at Mention Me.

Black History Month: 7 inspiring black leaders in tech

We’ll cut straight to the chase: tech has a diversity problem. 13% of the UK population is from black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds, yet they make up just 4% of the UK tech workforce.

Q&A with Mention Me's co-founders

Andy Cockburn and Tim Boughton reveal their inspiration for Mention Me, how things have changed, and their plans for the future.

10 highlights from the Mention Me Awards 2020

On 1st October, we hosted our first ever virtual Mention Me awards ceremony. It was a brilliant event, packed full of fun facts, outstanding referral marketing campaigns, and even some surprise prizes. Here are our favourite moments from the ceremony.

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