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How consumers shop now: Q2 2021

A fair bit has changed since we wrote about how consumers shopped in the first quarter of this year. Non-essential shops have opened their doors once more (this time, hopefully, for good). We’ve welcomed friends into our homes with long-awaited hugs. Some of us have even managed to squeeze in a holiday to a green-listed country.

International Friendship Day: the next big thing in the consumer retail calendar

If there's one thing the past few months have taught us, it's that we need our friends. So it feels timely that 30th July marks International Friendship Day, an occasion dedicated to celebrating those we love.  

The big day celebrated by Cadbury, Dove and Vodafone your brand is overlooking

30th July marks International Friendship Day (IFD), an annual event with huge potential for your brand’s profile and bottom line.

What can High Street retailers learn from fast-growing digital brands?

This blog is part of our Life on the Digital High Street series. Join the conversation on social with #LifeontheDigitalHighStreet.

A couple of decades ago, a flagship store on a prestigious High Street was the ultimate status symbol for a retail brand. Shoppers would flock to marvel at extravagant window displays and spend whole afternoons browsing what the retail giants had to offer. The way we shop now, online, was a concept on par with humanlike robots and flying cars.

Press release: Home and garden retailers see sales and referrals boost from lockdown exit announcement

Customer referrals drive activity across retail sectors, with Gifts and Occasions retailers seeing biggest overall increases for the quarter.

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