What won’t happen next: four anti-predictions for 2022

Read time: 11 mins

Introducing Referral Engineering®: the science of turning disengaged customers into your brand’s biggest cheerleaders

Why aren’t people responding to your adverts any more? 

That’s a question increasingly troubling marketers who are ploughing more and more money into digital marketing channels and getting ever-diminishing returns.

The major opportunity you're missing to acquire customers in Q1 2022

The curtain has closed on Q3, and you’re well underway with your Q4 strategy. With an action-packed final quarter of the year covering Black Friday and Christmas, you might be too rushed off your feet to spend much time thinking ahead to the start of 2022. 

When barbecues and Sunday roast dinners are your most effective media channels

For almost a century, cereal brands Kellogg’s, General Mills, Nestle and Weetabix - some of the biggest names in FMCG - have fought to win pride of place on the breakfast tables of families in the markets they serve.

How consumers shop now: Q3 2021

At risk of jinxing it all, the third quarter of 2021 has felt almost like pre-pandemic times. We’ve watched celebrities walk the red carpet, danced with arms around friends at festivals, and hopped on planes for summer getaways (albeit ones punctuated by regular PCR testing).

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