"It was exceptional": How Bloom & Wild has generated £17m of sales through Referral Engineering®

[Watch time: 2.30 minutes]

Marketers, bookmark this: the Glossary of Referral Engineering®

You might have tried referral marketing before, achieved some modest results and now want to do it even better. 

Or (more likely) you might have tried it, found it to be a blunt instrument, ended up with resolutely underwhelming results and been left crying out to the heavens: “There must be a better way!”. 

"It's word of mouth on Red Bull." How Db drives 5x ROI through Referral Engineering®

Check out this video case study to learn how Mention Me is accelerating growth for award-winning travel gear retailer Db. Or you can read our selection of highlights below.

Referral Intelligence®: your new best source for rich, actionable customer insights

High performance marketing needs high performance data – but, thanks to rising consumer distrust towards advertising and the regulator-mandated abolition of third-party cookies, that sort of data is getting harder for marketers to come by. 

Introducing Referral Engineering®: the science of turning disengaged customers into your brand’s biggest cheerleaders

Why aren’t people responding to your adverts any more? 

That’s a question increasingly troubling marketers who are ploughing more and more money into digital marketing channels and getting ever-diminishing returns.

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