4 ways direct-to-consumer brands can drive sustainable growth in 2021

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands are no longer a niche segment of the ecommerce landscape. 97% of consumers have heard of at least one leading DTC brand in the UK; 39% have bought from one. 

Chinese Singles Day: the biggest retail opportunity on the planet

11th November marks Chinese Singles Day, the world's biggest 24-hour shopping event. And it's not just Chinese brands that should be excited about it.

For western brands, the day presents a valuable opportunity to drive sales and significant revenue. In 2020, the case for getting involved in the big day is even stronger. Here's why.

How to drive record revenue for your business this festive season 2020

Spanning Black Friday, Christmas and the Boxing Day sales, the golden quarter represents a valuable time for brands to drive sales and acquire new customers.

Why (and how) luxury retailers should get involved with Black Friday

When it comes to Black Friday, marketers tend to respond one of two ways. Either they shudder in revulsion and firmly dismiss the notion of getting involved, or they excitedly start talking about how they’re going to make this year’s campaign the biggest yet.

Black History Month: 7 inspiring black leaders in tech

We’ll cut straight to the chase: tech has a diversity problem. 13% of the UK population is from black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds, yet they make up just 4% of the UK tech workforce.

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