A guide to effective customer engagement (with real brand examples)

Did you know that two-thirds of a company’s profit relies on effectively engaging customers?

Customer engagement isn’t a fluffy marketing term. It’s a strategy proven to grow business and increase long-term revenue. As well as boosting your profit margins, engaging your customers could reduce churn rate and increase customer revenue by an average of 23%.

And that's before considering the impact of the pandemic. 

Onboarding during Covid-19: a day in the life of a remote engineer

In this 'Day in the Life of' piece, we talk to Joe, a software engineer at Mention Me. Joe joined the business on the first day of lockdown in March. He reveals what it's like to onboard remotely, why he loves the tech stack, and how gin and chocolate have helped him get to know fellow Mentioneers.

Connect your acquisition & advocacy tools to increase customer lifetime value post-Covid

Despite acquiring significantly more customers during lockdown, many businesses are now struggling to encourage shoppers to return.

5 sectors driving online sales in the pandemic (even now shops are open)

At the start of this year, most brands were steadily chugging along the track of business growth.

Then Covid hit and, almost overnight, sent some hurtling up a vertiginous track at lightning speed.

Name-sharing: the most powerful method of referral marketing

We all like things to be fast and easy; referring friends is no exception. Even when there's a tempting incentive up for grabs.

Making it straightforward for customers to share your brand – and for their friends to act on the recommendation – underpins a successful referral programme. That's what makes name-sharing so effective.

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