The most referable products and services

Infographic: Hot or not? The sectors most likely to be referred.


Are there some products and services which are more likely to be recommended to friends and family than others? And what impact does age and gender have on the likelihood to refer?

Following on from our recent infographic on the characteristics of a referable brand, our research also examined the most frequently referred products and services split by demographic. From the revealing insights we have compiled this great infographic.

The results varied considerably by sector:

Food and drink are the most frequently recommended products to friend and family [Source: @mentionmeshare] (Click to Tweet)

Women aged 18-24 are the demographic most likely to be advocates for a fashion brand [Source: @mentionmeshare] (Click to Tweet)

Women are more likely to be brand advocates than men. The only sectors where this trend is reversed is in sports and leisure, finance and technology [Source: @mentionmeshare] (Click to Tweet)


Most referable products and services


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