Referral marketing strategy for fashion brands

The most trusted form of marketing for fashion brands? Step forward refer-a-friend.


Fashion is social by nature. We share, compare, discuss and complement each other on new items. We ask for trusted friends’ opinions on certain looks and styles ahead of future buying decisions. In other words, we place trust in our social circles to shape and reinforce our buying habits.

For this reason, referral marketing can be an extremely successful channel for acquiring new customers. In the current climate, where consumers have a lack of trust in traditional media, what could be more reassuring than a recommendation from a trusted friend?

Indeed, Nielsen report than "friend recommendations are the most credible form of advertising".

Through helping 100+ top fashion retailers with their referral programmes, we've uncovered real insight into what makes refer-a-friend a powerful tool for fashion brands. We've pulled this together into our latest report Referral Success in the Fashion Sector.

The guide will help you:

  • Develop a strong case for referral
  • Encourage referral at points of customer delight
  • Enable customers to tell their friends
  • Find the right incentives
  • Plan for long term success
  • Discover how other fashion brands have developed their referral programs

Guide to referral marketing success for fashion brands

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Guide to a successful referral strategy

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How to launch a successful refer-a-friend programme

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