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"It was exceptional": How Bloom & Wild has generated £17m of sales through Referral Engineering®

Sophia King
By Sophia King — November 24, 2021 -

[Watch time: 2.30 minutes]

Since implementing Referral Engineering® platform Mention Me in 2014, Bloom & Wild has turned customer advocacy into a primary growth driver for its business, delivering more than half a million referrals. Check out this video case study to learn more, or see the highlights below.

Key highlights 

  • Since 2014, referral has generated sales worth more than £17 million for Bloom & Wild
  • 35% of referred customers go on to share Bloom & Wild with their own friends and family
  • 86% of customers who see the referral offer share it with friends
  • 62% of referrals convert into new customers
  • Referred customers introduce 4.5x more new customers than non-referred customers
  • The net lifetime value (LTV) of customers acquired through Mention Me is higher than of those acquired through paid social and paid search
  • 25% of people discover Bloom & Wild through friends and family
  • The team learns how markets respond differently to messaging and incentives through referral campaigns
  • The Mention Me team provides amazing support, constantly sharing new ideas and driving innovation 
  • After keeping only its referral marketing channel on, Bloom & Wild grew UK referrals by 800% YoY in May 2020 (despite promoting it at fewer points in the customer journey).


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