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Travel Brands and the Great British Spending Priority

Andy Cockburn
By Andy Cockburn — August 2, 2019 -

Political and economic uncertainty may have weakened sterling, but the same can’t be said for Brits’ desire to go on holiday. Consumers are more committed than ever to their annual getaway, but getting a good deal matters. So how can travel brands cut through the noise to convince customers they’re the right choice? 

If you’re currently reminiscing about your latest sun-drenched beach break or idly counting down the days until the next one, rest assured you’re not alone. 

I was fascinated to read in PwC’s Retail Outlook 2019 that despite cautious consumer spending, holidays remain a top priority, second only to groceries.

Getting value for money is also a key focus. According to Nielsen, 95% of consumers read reviews while planning their next break, with the average holidaymaker spending a grand total of 76 sessions online across 28 websites before booking.

But planning your dream holiday based on the recommendations of online strangers isn’t fool-proof.

Debbie from Dorset may have loved the newest hotel to open on the Costa del Sol, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the place for you; just as Jack from Newcastle’s fervent recommendation of volcano boarding in Léon, Nicaragua, doesn’t mean now is the time to trade your Ibiza party holidays for daredevil sporting adventures.

And, of course, you can’t look up a company you’ve never heard of. Searching for reviews of a particular hotel, airline or travel provider requires a degree of brand awareness. 

That, as our new travel guide explains, is where word-of-mouth recommendations come in.

Consumers may not be ready to splash their hard-earned cash based on the comments of online strangers, but an enthusiastic recommendation from a like-minded friend or colleague may just be the ticket to, well, buying a ticket for a trip away.

It was while working at a travel company that I realised the true power of referral marketing. To discover how referral could help your brand stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape, check out our new travel guide. It covers everything from new customer acquisition to optimising referral performance, and even includes some exotic pictures to inspire your next getaway… 


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