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Best-in-class customer advocacy platform powered by referral, AI and machine-learning
Quickly launch a high-quality referral program with our AI-powered referral engine
With online retailers facing an astonishing average churn rate of ~75%, and the expense of gaining new customers being 5x that of retaining current ones, brands are witnessing their profits dwindle as customers disappear after a single purchase. Trapped in the relentless cycle of costly customer acquisition bringing in low quality customers who lapse quickly. There’s an alternative! Referred customers spend on average 25% more on their first order, have 2x LTV and are 3x more likely to recommend friends too. By investing in a referral strategy, you combat ever-increasing digital acquisition and retargeting costs. Having generated $2 billion for 600+ brands over 10 years of experience, Mention Me are the referral experts.
Drive loyalty and retention by activating your entire customer base
The Mention Me platform helps you to uncover valuable hidden segments by applying an advocacy lens to your entire customer base. Brands need to understand what advocacy actions a consumer can take outside of the buying cycle, like leaving a review, posting on social or joining a community. With the Mention Me platform we can predict where a customer is at in their advocacy journey and ensure that you're delivering personalised cross-channel next best action messaging at the right time. Our predictive advocacy insights enable you to boost customer retention and loyalty through optimising experiences and rewards for all customer cohorts.
Rebalance your marketing - for better efficiency and profitability
Many customers acquired through advocacy have up to 2x LTV of customers acquired through paid channels. Many brands invest too much time, money and resources into paid channels while neglecting earned channels where it's been difficult to grow and measure ROI. For the first time Mention Me allows you to accurately measure the effect that your earned channels have on your marketing strategy, helping you grow them and offset the unpredictability of paid channels. Join the hundreds of brands leveraging our customer advocacy software to deliver smarter, balanced marketing strategies that drive meaningful impact on your incremental revenue, profitability and lifetime value.

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$2bn revenue for customer-obsessed brands


Introducing the Mention Me Platform


Identify your customer advocates

Discover your brand fans and acquire more like them with AI-powered referral and advocacy intelligence. 

  • Build a blueprint to profile your best brand advocates 
  • Grow your customer marketing database
  • Generate first-party referral data to track advocacy behaviour
  • Create lookalike audiences for paid social and PPC

Nurture and activate brand fans

Engage brand advocates through targeted CRM campaigns using advanced advocacy insights to enhance customer experience and retention strategies.

  • Improve segmentation and personalisation via marketing automation workflows
  • Increase repeat purchases and extended customer revenue (ECR)

Scale your advocacy engine

Re-balance your marketing strategy by earning, rather than buying, growth. Improve customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value through a continuous cycle of customer advocacy. 

  • Deliver next best actions through predictive advocacy insights
  • Understand the networks and communities of your best advocates to make smarter decisions 
  • Measure earned growth and drive sustainable, organic revenue 


Frequently asked questions

  • Customer Advocacy
  • Referral
  • Loyalty
  • Retention

Customer Advocacy

Why is customer advocacy important?

Through data we've gathered while generating $2bn for over 600 brands, we've discovered that your highest spenders are not your most valuable customers.

It's your customer advocates: The people who love your brand, are actively engaging with you and positively influencing their networks to shop with you.

By thinking advocacy-first with Mention Me, brands like PUMA, ASOS, Inshur, Charlotte Tilbury and Huel have been able to tap into these networks of brand fans who return often, spend more and bring their friends:

Love Crafts achieved a 46% increase in revenue per customer with Mention Me.

“Optimising our marketing strategy using referral data is playing a key role in engaging and retaining customers while growing our community of brand advocates.”  Paul Gallagher, Head of Growth Marketing, LoveCrafts

With our AI-powered referral and advocacy intelligence, you can:

- Build a blueprint to profile your best brand advocates 

- Nurture tomorrows advocates now using AI powered predictions

- Use deep network insights to understand how valuable advocacy networks grow and maximise the return

All while opening up new possibilities for your marketing strategies: from loyalty and retention, to acquisition and customer experience.

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Customer advocacy sounds great but is it a lot of work?

Mention Me's customer advocacy software is easy to set up - We'll aim have you up and running in 30 days.

Our customer advocacy tactics layer easily into your existing multichannel marketing strategy, maximising their efficiency:

- Target Audiences in social that are similar to valuable advocates to get more out of your paid budget

- Use advocacy insights such as extended customer revenue and network insights to supercharge your existing personalisation tactics

- Make Earned Growth your North Star bringing alignment across all functions for marketing efficiency and sustainable growth.

A global retail brand tapped into High Extended Customer Revenue segments using Mention Me's Smart Audiences feature for Lookalike campaign on Meta. The result: 5% decrease in CPM, 15% decrease in CPC and 15% increase in ROAS.

Additionally, using ECR in their segmentation strategy saw a +184% higher email CTR for segments of customers based on Extended Customer Revenue data with Mention Me.

Mention Me's customer advocacy software streamlines and supercharges your existing marketing efforts - So you can spend your valuable time and budgets in areas where you'll make the most impact.

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I already have a segmentation strategy live in my marketing automation software. Can this advocacy data be easily activated?

Yes! You can seamlessly connect Mention Me to leading MarTech platforms, like Emarsys, Klaviyo and Attentive, in an instant. Using web-hooks you can also push this data to any marketing platform with an API. 

Acquire higher-value customers for less by creating lookalike audiences for paid channels.

And weave advocacy insights into your personalisation and automation strategies, to increase engagement, conversion and retention.

Brand Alley saw a 25% increase in repeat purchase rate by leveraging Mention Me's pre built tactics with Emarsys.

Wild reported a 27% increase in new database contacts by feeding Mention Me's first party referral data in Klaviyo.

Spoke increased their conversion rate by 65% by targeting Mention Me's referrer lookalikes on paid social.

Start activating hidden networks of fans in your base using advocacy data today

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Mention Me does referral software, right?

Yes - Referral is where our heritage lies. It’s been over the past decade running best-in-class referral programs that we’ve discovered the potential advocacy data has to revolutionise business: By leveraging the power of your customer base to drive growth.

The heart of how we do that is by making it easy for customers to share a brand such as by our unique feature Name Share. With built in AI and testing capabilities the Mention Me Platform is the worlds leading referral software. The results speak for themselves!

OVO Energy saw a 11% increase in online customer acquisition within 4 months with Mention Me.

Seraphine found that 50% of new referred customers came via Mention Me’s unique NameShare feature which captures word-of-mouth.

Viator, a leading travel company, saw a 57% increase in LTV through optimising referral and using the unique data insights it generated in their segmentation strategy. 

But beyond that, we’re enabling brands to leverage the valuable, advocacy data they're collecting, to transform their customer economics.

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How does Mention Me compare with referral marketing programs?

Unlike other simple referral marketing software, Mention Me’s customer advocacy platform uses machine learning to identify potential future advocates ensuring that you can then present them with the right incentive at the right time.

The Mention Me platform also derives unique insights from referral networks helping you to understand who your most valuable customers are and to help you maximise the value those networks or referrers bring. 

"Mention Me is completely data-driven, so you can make strategic decisions with confidence. The numbers talk, and they prove it’s working." Natalia Kirby, Moss Bros

See how we compare with other referral marketing programs

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Are loyalty schemes effective still?

Loyalty schemes definitely have a role to play in increasing retention. Our customers have found that they are even more effective when they are integrated with an advocacy platform such as Mention Me.

Advocacy insights such as Extended Customer Revenue (ECR) or Predicted Extended Customer Revenue (pECR) can be used to manage customers between tiers as they are being recognised for not only what they spend but also the high value they bring to brands through referral. 

Multiple brands we have worked with have seen engagement levels with loyalty programs increase by as much as 23% when customers are recognised for the value a they bring outside of purchasing. 

If you would like to know more why not request a demo!

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How do referral and advocacy help with retention?
Referred customers are proven to be more engaged than non - referred customers having up to 2 x LTV of other customers and also being 5 x more likely to refer others. As a brand builds their customer base from referral and advocacy over time the percentage of the customer base who have been referred and are more engaged increases. This allows brands to focus retention efforts on a smaller group. 
The Mention Me platform also gives unique advocacy insights outside of purchase behaviour. Leading brands have discovered that customers who may be viewed as lapsed as they have not purchased for a period of time have actually been taking advocacy actions such as leaving reviews or referring friends. Previously without these insights brands have been incorrectly including these customers in re-engagement / retention campaigns creating a bad customer experience. 

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Ready to transform your marketing through the power of customer love?

Discover the world's first Customer Advocacy-Intelligence Platform. Cutting-edge AI powered tech that identifies, nurtures and activates customer advocates to make you a winning business.

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Ready to transform your marketing through the power of customer love?

Discover the world's first Customer Advocacy-Intelligence Platform. Cutting-edge AI powered tech that identifies, nurtures and activates customer advocates to make you a winning business.

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