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Referral marketing

Harness the power of your customers with referral marketing software

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Mention Me’s powerful customer advocacy intelligence platform connects you to the people that matter most: your customers. 

Deliver unrivalled CX, surpass expectations, and delight your customers so much that they have no choice but to share your brand.

✔️ Find valuable new customers

✔️ Forge stronger relationships with your existing customers

✔️ Reduce marketing costs

✔️ Build a sustainable, replicable revenue stream

Craft a referral marketing programme that’s in tune with your customers

Whether you’re getting ready to launch or you’ve been running your programme for years, the chances are you’re not making the most of your referred customers. Optimise performance with customer-centric, revenue boosting tactics.

Eliminate guesswork with A/B Testing

The first step to serving your customers is understanding what they want. And without experimenting, you could be missing out on valuable insights. 

Run A/B tests on different messaging, offers, layouts and colour schemes so you don’t have to rely on hunches.


Through A/B testing, Ted Baker found customers prefer a set amount off rather than a percentage discount

“Working with Mention Me is a joy. Implementation was quick and easy; we really were up and running in no time. Running tests and monitoring results is straightforward and intuitive. The team is always available to support and discuss ideas and, to top it off, they’re great fun too.”

— Claire Holden, Ex-Head of Customer at Ted Baker

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Different content evokes different responses. Kurt Geiger’s longer descriptions saw 21% more recommendation shares and 98% more new customers vs shorter copy.

“Your client success person within Mention Me is an extension of your team. They take out the legwork… They’re on the end of a phone, working with you”

— Hannah Spicer, Senior CRM Marketing Manager at Kurt Geiger

Watch the Kurt Geiger case study


Embed referral marketing in the customer experience

Go further than a point solution for customer acquisition. Mention Me’s intelligence platform gives you the insights you need to create a personalised CX, making customers feel valued and understood.

Use data to uncover your brand fans

To provide the best customer experience, you need a deep understanding of who your customers are. Referral data shows you at a glance which customers refer the most, and how much revenue that referral activity generates. 

Segment and nurture your biggest referrers

Mention Me puts your first-party referral data at your fingertips, giving you everything you need to track advocacy behaviours and unlock the potential of your brand’s biggest fans. 

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Extended Customer Revenue (ECR) shows you the total revenue generated by a customers’ referral activity. It’s the perfect metric for gauging how much someone loves your brand. 

With ECR segments, Mention Me lets you group together your most valuable customers so you can give them the recognition they deserve.

Add advocates to your VIP programme

Reward serial referrers by giving them the same treatment as your biggest spending customers.

Send the right message at the right time

With the understanding that a customer who’s not spending but still referring is different from your standard lapsed customer, PUMA excluded active advocates from their lapsed segment. The fashion brand now builds cohorts based on their stage in the referral journey, facilitating deeply personalised experiences.

“We know brand advocates are highly valuable, so we speak to them differently. Mention Me adds a new level of data and insights that play a critical role in driving our entire contact strategy.”

— David Witts, Senior CRM Manager E-Commerce Europe at PUMA

Integrate referral data into your CRM in real-time

Mention Me integrates with leading Martech platforms like Emarsys, Klaviyo and Attentive, so you can use first party data to capture buying signals and personalise your engagement with referral audiences.


Automate and scale your referral marketing

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Build lookalike audiences and target your ideal customers with more precision, reducing your paid advertising costs on social media. Segment customers based on buying signals and propensity to refer, allowing you to craft more meaningful, personalised referral and loyalty messaging to this valuable cohort. 

Mention Me’s Customer Advocacy Intelligence Platform helps you turn brand fans into customer advocates – Request a demo


Nurture and engage advocates as a specific segment

The enthusiasm of your most valuable customers is infectious. Once someone starts referring, you can see dramatic revenue growth. 

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Mention Me’s Network Insights feature lets you see the web of referrals: treat key customers at the heart of it as VIPs.

Insights also lets you discover the commonalities driving the chain of referrals.

Increase opportunities for devoted fans to share the love

If you took away your entire marketing budget, how much would your business grow? That’s the question Earned Growth answers by calculating the net effect of word-of-mouth, social shares, reviews, and more. 

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Reward those who shout about your brand from the rooftops with gifts, special offers, and VIP treatment, increasing the likelihood they’ll stick around and keep referring.

The world’s first customer advocacy intelligence platform gives you the ability to identify and multiply those moments of customer delight that drive organic, sustainable growth from within your own customer base. 

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