What motivates customers to refer a friend?

The psychology of referral - key drivers to consider for your advocacy programme


We recently published some blog posts looking at the psychology of referral. They proved so popular that we have pulled them together into an exclusive guide: The Guide to the Psychology of Referral.

Many companies that run referral schemes are often  laser focused on the mechanics of the incentive itself and on creating a seamless user journey around it.

No bad thing.

But, they frequently miss out on the “heart and soul” of the offer: the emotion fuelled psychological factors that really convince customers of its socially beneficial outcomes

The attraction of refer-a-friend-programmes is not only financial; they tap into a much deeper human need for social recognition and belonging.

Having created referral programmes for over 200 clients, and run hundred's of AB tests, we’ve developed in-depth knowledge of the key psychological enablers and barriers of referral.

This guide looks at:

  • What motivates a customer to refer a friend?
  • The perfect mix of persuasive ingredients for referral
  • Nudge theory
  • Testing matrix considering psychological barriers and enablers


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