Focusing on Referral: The Glasses Direct Story (sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun)


Having enjoyed years of impressive organic growth, from a start-up in 2004 to becoming Europe's largest online prescription eyewear store, Glasses Direct decided it was time to add the referral marketing channel to their customer acquisition mix.  They suspected they were working with the right ingredients for refer-a-friend success:  happy existing customers and an innovative product worthy of sharing.

Without experience of managing the channel and scarce development resource they decided to look for a company that would provide the technology with an easy integration and help them optimise the channel.

Glasses Direct selected Mention Me to help them with with the project back in 2013.  Since that time the referral programme has moved from strength to strength and now accounts for 30% of online acquisition for the eyewear brand with referred customers also being 3 times more likely to spread the word than those that come through other channels.

Get more insights about Glasses Direct’s referral programme in our latest case study:  

- Which referral offers were most successful
- How many A/B tests were run to settle on the winning formula
- What are the key promotional channels for refer-a-friend

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