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Harnessing the power of brand advocacy for leading brands

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With Mention Me, you can:

Bridge the gap between the on and offline customer experience

A/B test by cohort to learn what makes your best customers tick

Grow your pipeline and sales more predictably

Referred customers spend 11% more on their first order
Our Name Share® feature delivers 34% of referrals

What our clients say

“We’ve gained valuable insight into how to engage our customers and build lifetime value. Since implementing our programme, we’ve significantly increased core marketing metrics. Mention Me provides excellent ROI as a marketing channel.”

Steph Powell-2

Steph Powell

Global Digital Acquisition Manager

“Our CEO used to go to a bag show and honk his car horn until people came around to look at our bags. Mention Me takes that same mechanic and puts more data and science behind it. It’s word of mouth on Red Bull.”

Luke Collins-1

Luke Collins

Chief Commercial Officer

“We knew we needed something more sophisticated than a plug-in referral widget to hit our ambitious growth goals, and we were completely right to trust Mention Me. We’re now nurturing brand advocacy from new and existing customers, helping us acquire customers who spend 13% more.”

Arie Tom

Arie Tom

Chief Marketing Officer

Ready to turn your brand fans into a formidable growth channel?


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Ready to turn your brand fans into a formidable growth channel?


Talk to Sales

CTA – 1