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Mention Me Unveils Predictive Model For Customer Advocacy

Sophia King
By Sophia King — June 1, 2022 -

Read time: 3 mins

As featured in Direct Commerce and Retail Voices.

Leading brands including FatFace are using the technology to enhance customer journeys and drive customer acquisition and retention.

Customer advocacy platform Mention Me has partnered with UK AI provider Faculty to revolutionise the eCommerce space with the world’s first predictive model for customer advocacy. 

This innovation empowers brands to segment and target customers based on their emotional engagement. Customers with a high propensity to refer are driven to introduce their friends, while those yet to reach this stage of advocacy are nurtured through encouraging the next best action. These actions are based on specific company goals, such as growing databases through newsletter sign-ups, or increasing repeat purchases through a discount on their next order. 

By serving these enhanced customer experiences, brands can significantly increase both acquisition and retention rates, thus future-proofing their long-term growth. The Mention Me platform also gathers unique first-party referral data that brands can use to acquire their most valuable customers – advocates – and attract more like them across marketing channels, including paid social and search. 

Roy Robinson, Chief Product Officer at Mention Me, comments: “I’m thrilled that, with Faculty’s support, Mention Me has launched the world’s first predictive advocacy model. Based on a decade’s worth of referral data, it empowers brands to serve highly targeted experiences across their marketing stack to turn every customer into a loyal brand fan. It’s the first step in a truly disruptive journey towards making referral a core marketing channel that provides indispensable advocacy insights.”

Josh Muncke, Director of Consumer Business at Faculty, comments: “We have seen huge amounts of hype around AI in the personalised marketing space, but also a lot of hot air. Our partnership with Mention Me facilitates real-time personalisation at the customer-level for their clients, building an improved understanding of customer behaviour and driving greater customer loyalty and advocacy.”

Mention Me empowers more than 450 brands including Puma, Pret a Manger, ASOS and Charlotte Tilbury to harness the exponential power of their fans. Bringing Faculty on board is part of its ambitious growth plans, backed by raising $32 million in Series B funding. 

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