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Home is where the heart is: how referrals capture the love of homeware brands

Angela Southall
By Angela Southall — May 2, 2017 -

Before the internet came along, consumer choice for homeware products was restricted to a limited number of big players. As a child in the 70's (gulp!), my memories of furnishings were of varying shades of brown, with a focus on practicalities rather than style. Avocado was the bathroom colour of choice, rather than a foodie breakfast staple.

Fast forward to today, and the choice of homewares and furnishings is vast; catering for consumers on a spectrum ranging from those looking for value for money products, to those searching for one of a kind customisable pieces.

This move towards homewares being an expression of our identity and taste, makes this sector partcularly ripe for online social sharing among friendship networks. For homeware retailers then, referral marketing can be particularly effective for harnessing word of mouth.

Our homeware sector report looks at:

  • Homeware stats & figures
  • Key trends in the homeware and furnishing market
  • How referral marketing can be utilised in the homeware sector
  • Examples of great homeware and furnishings brands successfully using referral to increase new customer acquisition

Download our Referrals in the Homeware Sector report.


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