How we celebrate success at Mention Me

Celebrating success 3 ways (which you could never do outside a start-up)


As suggested by my job title, Head of Client Success, and the name of the team, the Client Success team, here at Mention Me Towers we’re keen on ensuring that our clients get as much success as possible out of referral marketing.  We’re driven not just to get a referral scheme up and running and operational but to make sure it becomes a valuable and meaningful acquisition channel.  

Whether it’s rolling out a new feature to drive better sharing, or analysing the results of the most recent experiment to drive the next round of improvements, we want all of our clients to benefit from the experience and expertise we’ve gained running hundreds of referral offers across our diverse client base.

To reinforce this focus, we’ve developed some traditions to celebrate client success; perhaps this says something about us but we’ve found the silly ones motivate our team of millenials and recent grads (plus a few eccentric oldies) best!

First welcome every new client with ding!

This one is actually quite restrained compared to what comes next.  Every new client is announced with an email subject line DING DING DING (the all caps is essential) and we have recently placed a small bell (the sort that would have been on the reception desk in Fawlty Towers) with the Sales team so they can ding for real.

Second celebrate client milestones with a dong (or a gong!)

Next, and my favourite, is the gong that gets noisily struck whenever a client hits a significant milestone.  It’s a way of making sure everyone at Mention Me whether they be researching customer interactions or testing the latest software update gets reminded that the whole reason for the existence of Mention Me is help our clients be excellent at referral.

Plus it’s funny and makes everyone jump.  


Here we are announcing the launch of a recent client in the video below.



Finally, the beacon of steady progress

This was actually our first foray into silly celebrations.  One of the first things our Engineering Manager did (it's a small company after all) was rig up a light to turn on and change colour every time a customer referred a friend using our platform.  For a while the light flickered intermittently, now it's on continually and changing colour at a rapid rate!  

As a B2B software-as-a-service business it's a nice way to keep in touch with fact that somewhere out there actual customers are interacting with our system.

So what’s the point?  Having funny stuff going on in the office definitely helps us bond as a team and keeps everyone motivated.  The fact that we’ve created these traditions together makes them more powerful than most programmes an HR department could dream up (and we don’t have one of those anyway). It’s also a great way to remind us to take time out to celebrate together. In a fast growing company there are lots of successes and so this makes sure that we acknowledge them along the way.

Want to join our team?  We’re looking for our next strobe-light rigger (aka Software Engineer) and our next gong ringer (Client Success Manager) right now.  Visit our careers page.

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