Referral Engineering® for growth-obsessed brands

Engage your best customers, acquire new ones and hit every one of your KPIs

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Accelerating growth for 450+ brands

We’ve delivered 4m referrals totalling $1bn revenue (and counting!)
for fast-growing online businesses globally


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Drive referrals throughout the customer journey

  • Incentivise, reward and track referrals
  • Seamlessly integrate into your martech stack for even better performance
  • Manage, test and optimise your referral campaigns with our easy-to-use platform
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Nurture advocacy at every lifecycle stage

  • Serve highly targeted messages at the right time to build brand love
  • Drive the next best action until customers are ready to refer
  • Showcase your brand to full effect with flexible creative elements and thoughtful user experiences
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Convert insights into action

  • Build strategic customer segments then experiment throughout the lifecycle
  • Uncover rich referral data that benefits your entire business
  • Get actionable, strategic advice from our expert Client Success team
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Save time and resource as you scale

  • Work hand-in-hand with our teams to go live and continually optimise performance
  • Get bespoke reports on the metrics that matter to you
  • Evolve your programme to meet your changing business goals
Referral typically delivers 10x ROI
On average, referred customers spend 11% more on their first order
Referred customers are 5x more likely to introduce more new customers
Real results

"Within three months of switching from in-house to Mention Me, we were acquiring 8% of customers through referral. It was undoubtedly the right decision.​​ I have absolutely no regrets about turning off our in-house referral programme. Our referral experience is now so much better and user-friendly, and we can optimize it. The numbers speak for themselves."

Content & Social Marketing Manager

Real results

“With Mention Me, we’re acquiring valuable new customers while driving long-term revenue. On average, our referred customers are 34x more likely to introduce new shoppers than those acquired through other channels – creating a powerful cycle of growth that requires very little hands-on management. As well as telling their friends about us, referred customers are also highly likely to buy again themselves. 39% of our referral revenue comes from referred customers’ subsequent orders. We’re constantly learning about our brand advocates while acquiring more customers like them. It’s a great channel that we look forward to doing more with.”

Senior Associate, Lifecycle Marketing

Real results

"Since launching in 2020, referral has become a key customer acquisition channel for Cynch. We’re constantly evolving our programme, running strategic tests to learn about our best customers and acquire more like them. This is supported by best practice guidance and hands-on support from the Mention Me team, helping us to drive an even higher return-on-investment."

Product Manager

Real results

“Experimenting with A/B tests has given us valuable insight into our customers and promoting referral has been a great way to reiterate our brand’s message. We can’t wait to see what referral helps us to achieve next!”

Assistant CRM Manager

Real results

“We’ve been really impressed by the AB testing functionality available with the Mention Me platform. It’s enabled us to test a variety of gifts and samples as rewards to find which ones resonate best with our customers.”

CRM Manager

Real results

"We decided to outsource because we thought working with a partner could help us do more, learn more and achieve more in a shorter space of time.”


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The Beginner’s Guide to Referral Engineering®

Learn how to engage your best customers, acquire new ones, and fire up a cycle of rapid growth for your brand.