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Driving better business outcomes with a superior experience-based strategy

In this episode we spoke with Shelly Chandler, Founder and Principal Strategist for EvolveX. 

Shelly discussed how CX leaders can ensure they're involved in the early stages of their companies decision making process so they can create strategies that drive real impact. 


During our chat, Shelly also shared some key challenges and trends she's seeing within the CX space and how she sees the role of CX evolving over the next few years. 


About Shelly

Shelly Chandler is a national Customer Experience executive with more than 25 years in customer experience strategy and execution at Fortune 1000 companies, delivering customer insights, experience design and customer advocacy programs.  She has worked with and for major brands such as Wells Fargo, Walmart, Penske, PNC Bank, Moen and large B2B companies to create and grow their customer experience programs.  

Shelly believes that while customer experience has been a discrete profession for a few decades, CX professionals still have much to do to bring together holistic experiences that cross silos in meaningful ways for companies who are committed to the long haul.  

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