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This time, it’s personal! Mastering the 3 levels of personalization to attract and retain more customers

In this episode we spoke with Saari Gardner, Chief Experience Officer at CEO Coaching International.

Saari discussed what the 3 levels of personalization are and how businesses can execute them to attract and retain more of their best customers. 

Saari also uncovers some key personalization and CX trends businesses need to be aware of as well as examples of companies executing personalization effectively and what impact it had on their business. 

About Saari

Saari has worked in the experience management (XM) discipline for more than 19 years, building and leading XM efforts for multiple organizations where a combination of data-driven decision making and a human centered approach has had a meaningful impact on company growth, retention, brand clarity, and organizational culture.  In her leadership roles Saari has been responsible for setting experience management strategy, increasing understanding of key XM principles, ensuring effective collection and distribution of stakeholder insights, and working cross-functionally to establish performance measures and drive action toward differentiated experiences.          

Saari is a Certified Customer Experience Professional, an XM Scientist, and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a graduate certificate in business intelligence and analytics from the University of Arizona. She is an active member of the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA) and has contributed to curriculum and standards for several academic and professional programs in the area of experience management. In 2019 she was named a finalist by the CXPA for the CX Impact Award – Outstanding Practitioner.

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