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The customer loyalty approaches holding your business back.. and how you can overcome them

Nate's approach to Customer Advocacy

In this episode we spoke with Nate Brown. Nate is the Executive Director of CX Accelerator, a non-profit community that exists to equip, encourage, and connect Customer Experience professionals at every stage of their career journey.

Nate discussed the core principals of capturing the loyalty of the modern customer, and some of the outdated approaches and mindsets to avoid.

During our chat, Nate shared some tips for getting organization-wide buy-in to delivering great CX and some examples of effective campaigns he's seen businesses run to turn more customers into loyal fans.


About Nate


Nate Brown loves two things very much...customer experience and community. Fortunately, these concepts go hand-in-hand! As a community builder, Nate co-founded CX Accelerator in 2018. Quickly growing to well over four thousand members, this vibrant collection of CX leaders is helping one another to maximize their career and accomplish remarkable things in service to others.

As a Customer Experience executive and consultant, Nate has led service teams, anchored the CX function inside of a startup, and helped to foster exceptional employee-customer connections in dozens of organizations. He's worked in a variety of industries, including gaming, SaaS, gig-services, retail, healthcare, and many more.

Shortly after authoring The Ultimate CX Primer, Brown was dubbed the “CX Influencer of the Year” by CloudCherry, and a top global CX thought leader by ICMI, Exceeders, Netomi, and MartechVibe to name a few. Nate was voted "most impactful influencer in the CX landscape for 2023" by Kustomer. He has been widely recognized for a unique ability to infuse energy and excitement into the work of CX for employees at all levels of the organization. When not "CX'ing, Brown is a competitive disc golfer, certified pickleball instructor, husband to a super cool wife, and dad of two incredible daughters.

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