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How Endy Mattresses Customer Love Programme is driving dream results for the business

Erin's approach to Customer Advocacy

In this episode we spoke with Erin Gray. Erin is the Senior VP CX at Endy, and before that spent 5 years at Walmart managing their in store and eCommerce CX operations. 

Erin shared her experiences of building a high performing CX team from scratch and some of the exciting advocacy initiatives she's running at Endy, including their highly successful Customer Love Programme.

During our chat, Erin shared a powerful example from her time at Walmart of effectively selling the impact of CX to the CFO and other senior executives. 

About Erin


Erin started her career in CX when she first graduated from University with a degree in Communications, hoping to land a job in PR. She took a Customer Service Rep position at a large insurance company until she found a "real job"..that was 25 years ago. Since then, Erin has held progressive roles within the world of CX in a variety of different industries.

Starting her career in Financial Services she has led CX teams in banking, insurance, lending, omni-channel retail and senior living residences.   She is currently the Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Endy and sits on the Customer Advisory Board at GiftaGram Canada.

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