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How Inkpact are re-writing their clients CX strategy, one personal note at a time

In this episode we spoke with Charlotte Pearce, a Forbes 30 under 30 award winner and CEO and founder of Inkpact.

Charlotte discussed how Inkpact are helping their clients to create a deeper, emotional connection with their customers. By  producing personalised handwritten notes triggered at specific parts of the customer journey, their clients are seeing a significant increase in sales, loyalty and LTV. 

Charlotte also discussed some key behavioural psychology trends in CX and how you can apply that to your own strategy to help build your own base of loyal fans.

About Charlotte

Charlotte Pearce is on a mission to help brands and people be more human and authentic by bringing together the head and the heart of business. She’s spent her career and life bringing together aspects of humanity, behavioural science, psychology, technology and a serious amount of creativity and fun. All to help business to do the right thing for other humans, the planet and to improve their bottom line.

More formally, she is also the CEO and founder of Inkpact, a technology company on a mission to make marketing more human. Inkpact brings delight and connection to the heart of business by using software and real people to send handwritten messages and gifts at scale.

She has been described as a “young, dynamic force of nature” and “the UK’s next Branson”. She’s also been named in the Forbes 30 under 30, Maserati 100 and Young Entrepreneurs list in 2016. Charlotte is considered amongst the 15 most influential women in technology in the world, alongside Sheryl Sandberg. She has been featured in Stylist, The Sunday Times, Forbes, The Guardian and on BBC World News.

An in-demand motivational speaker, Charlotte has addressed a variety of audiences from corporate to educational; giving speeches at award ceremonies, running inspiring workshops, attending business events and delivering keynotes to start-up, corporate and social enterprise businesses all over the UK and the US.

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