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Connect your culture, brand and experience to keep your customers coming back

In this episode we spoke with Ben Afia, a renowned FTSE100 customer communication expert.

Ben discussed his 3 step approach to making your consumer experiences more human so you can turn more customers into loyal fans.


During our chat, Ben shared specific strategies he's helped businesses implement to deeply connect their culture and brand and what they’ve been able to achieve as a result.


About Ben

Ben Afia is a consultant, speaker and author who'd had his fill of cold, corporate organisations treating their employees and customers like robots.

So he set out on a mission to make businesses more human.

He realised that when you deeply connect your culture and brand, you’ll give people the experiences they yearn for.

For almost 30 years, he’s been trusted by companies like Allianz, Vodafone and Google to change their culture, build their brand, and make staff and customers happier.

His first book, The Human Business, is out soon and shows how to do that by aligning culture, brand and experience.

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