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Understanding the psychology behind brand love and customer advocacy

In this episode we spoke with Dr Aaron Ahuvia, the world's leading scientific expert on brand love and author of The Things We Love.

Aaron discussed the key psychological traits behind customers falling in love with your brand and how you can use this to build more loyal fans.

During our chat, Aaron also revealed some groundbreaking neuroscience research that will get you thinking very differently about how and why customers build a relationship with your brand. 

About Dr Aaron

Dr. Aaron Ahuvia is the world’s leading scientific expert on brand love. He published the first major scientific study on brand love, popularized the term brand love, authored all three of the most widely cited and read papers on brand love, published 14 major studies on brand love, and has written an award-winning popular book on the psychology of brand love.

He was the first recipient of the Stetik Group Brand Relationship Award, 2019, which is a lifetime achievement award for research impact on marketing practice. He is also a leading expert on the psychology of happiness and how our happiness is impacted by our income and by our consumer choices.


An independent Stanford University study ranks him in the top 2% of all the world’s scientists across all disciplines.

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