International Friendship Day

Your best campaign yet

30th July marks International Friendship Day, an occasion dedicated to celebrating those we love.

As well as the chance to celebrate loved ones after a tough year, it’s the perfect time to reward customers for introducing friends to your brand. By offering exclusive Friendship Day rewards, you can drive more customers to share your brand while building powerful affinity that lasts long beyond the day itself. On average, International Friendship Day referral campaigns  acquire 75% more customers.

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International Friendship Day
How to get started

Preparing your International Friendship Day campaign is quick and easy. Here's how to do it.

1. Run a special incentive

Motivate your customers to refer friends with offers such as:

  • Promotional gifts
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Charity donations

You can even combine incentives to create offers even more likely to get people talking.

2. Update copy & design

Use imagery and language that remind customers of their friends. For example: 

  • 'Share what you love'
  • 'We're stronger together'
  • 'Treat your bestie'

Our design studio can help make these updates. 

3. Extend Promotion

International Friendship Day may only last 24 hours, but your promotion doesn't need to. We recommend running your campaign for at least 7 days. For even better results, consider a fortnight or entire month. 

4. Get our lookbook

We've created a lookbook bursting with copy, design and incentive examples to inspire your International Friendship Day campaign. Our team is also on hand to provide ideas and recommendations. For even more ideas, watch our webinar.

Example design and messaging for International Friendship Day
3 reasons to promote International Friendship Day

1. acquire new customers

51% of consumers trust their friends' recommendations more than any other source of advertising. Motivating happy customers to tell others about your brand is a highly effective way to acquire target shoppers who typically spend more, return often and are 5x more likely to recommend your brand to others.

2. increase sales

International Friendship Day campaigns are proven to increase core marketing metrics, including average order value and overall revenue. One of our clients even increased new customer revenue by 276%, simply by adding the IFD logo and promoting via email. 

3. build brand affinity

Bring your customers together with their friends after a tough year apart. By tapping into this deep sense of emotional engagement, you can meaningfully engage your customers and motivate them to return, long after your campaign ends.