Harnessing the power of customer advocacy in the luxury and retail space

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In this episode we spoke with  Suriya Liensavanh, who’s most recent role was Global Head of CRM at GANNI,

Suriya discussed his experience of harnessing advocacy to drive his customer marketing strategy and deliver incremental growth across his base. 

During our chat, Suriya also shared some examples of dedicated campaigns and events his team ran which helped turn his customers into loyal fans.

About Suriya

Career in retail client engagement, marrying data led insights with tactile experiences and working with all organisational levels in order to drive engaging and unique customer led loyalty solutions.

Have spent a decade in luxury at LV and Burberry, in both CRM and commercial strategy roles, with international experience across Australia, Asia and the UK. My personal approach to loyalty is to continuously engage customers in an emotive and memorable manner, seeking to attach products to special moments in customers lives. As this connection strengthens, transactions become almost an incidental byproduct of the customers engagement and loyalty to the brand.






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