A Founders Story: The secrets to building and growing a thriving customer-centric business 

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In this episode we spoke with Dr Marcus Köhnlein, a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful customer-centric businesses.

Marcus shared his secrets behind starting and growing a customer love business in the right way, and why this will give you a real competitive advantage. 

Marcus also reflected on the different approaches and challenges when founding a company built on customer centricity vs developing a customer centric culture in an existing business for the first time. 

About Marcus

With a distinguished career spanning over two decades, Marcus Köhnlein has cemented himself as a visionary leader, driving innovation and digital transformation across diverse sectors. His strategic expertise and technological prowess have consistently led to groundbreaking solutions and robust business growth. As a Co-Founder, Chairman and CIO, he spearheads pioneering startups like, seamlessly connecting students and businesses, and 360workx, an eminent data governance consultancy, among other ventures.

With a versatile background spanning Consulting, Insurance, Chemical, and Machine Industries, Marcus brings a wealth of experience to his endeavors.  At United Grinding Group, he led the C.O.R.E. OS Project, orchestrating the harmonization of machine systems and orchestrating the digital product landscape.

In his preceding roles, Marcus established the Digitalization Center at Omya, propelling a comprehensive digital strategy, and demonstrated exceptional proficiency in steering SAP ERP systems at Allianz Suisse AG.
Educated with an MBA from esteemed institutions, Marcus Köhnlein's strategic acumen and unwavering dedication to innovation continue to shape industries, igniting the flames of inspiration among aspiring leaders.






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