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Why clients rate our Fundamentals of Referral Success workshop 9/10


Here at Mention Me, we’re constantly thinking about how to make our client partnerships even better. As part of this, we regularly host free workshops, presenting our top referral tips, actionable insights and the chance for attendees to ask lots of questions.

Last week, we welcomed freshly onboarded and recently signed clients like Ocado Zoom, E.ON energy, ASOS and Boden to Mention Me’s colourful headquarters to learn all about the fundamentals of referral success.

It was a great morning, brimming with creative ideas and lively discussions. And it's not just us who enjoyed it; we were pretty chuffed to receive an overall rating of 9/10 for the event.  

Here are 8 highlights of the workshop.

  1. Learning about the five key motivators of referral from Simon, Head of Client Success. He spoke about how creating a brand story, evoking emotion and tying into triggers can all significantly uplift the performance of a referral programme.

  2. An open discussion on incentives, led by John, Head of Onboarding, which highlighted how important it is to tailor incentives to each brand and their target audience.

  3. An exploration of effort versus impact when promoting referral at different touchpoints. Nick, Senior Client Success Manager, explained how promoting on the homepage makes a big impact without requiring much effort, but urged brands to consider other points, such as in-pack inserts, that require more manpower but could deliver strong results.

  4. Nick’s impassioned call to attendees to implement Mention Me’s unique name sharing function immediately if not already in use – it captures offline conversation and makes up between 20 to 50% of referrals.IMG_3650
    "Raise your hand if..." Clients getting interactive with Simon, Head of Client Success
  5. The revelation that a single AB test can double revenue. Zoe, Head of Client Performance, also presented interesting findings like No1 Lounges discovering £7.50 off generated more overall revenue than offering £10 off, as well as examples from Charlotte Tilbury and Muddy Puddles. She also spoke about using referral touchpoints as a valuable opportunity to strengthen your brand positioning and connect with customers, giving Missguided as an example of a brand getting it right.

  6. Showcasing Black Friday and how it could work for different businesses and sectors like luxury, retail and subscription-based. Seasonal promotions are a key part of any marketing strategy, and referral can help drive even better results.

  7. Seeing our clients leave with fresh enthusiasm, new ideas scribbled down in their workbooks, and even better relationships with their Mention Me client success managers.

  8. Receiving brilliant feedback after the workshop ended. On average, attendees rated it 9/10, describing the event as “informative and relevant”, “a great relaxed environment” and “very positive and interactive”.

For those who missed it, good news: we’re hosting two webinars next month. The Psychology of Sharing & Incentive Strategy will be on 14th November, followed by Promotional Touchpoints & AB Testing on 3rd December.

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