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Showcasing the best in referral marketing

Angela Southall
By Angela Southall — March 7, 2018 -

At Mention Me we work with over 250 amazing businesses - from fashion to finance and from ecommerce to dating. No two brands are the same! Not only does our platform adapt to any brand, it has been used to create a multitude of stunning and distinctive referral programmes.

Referral success is all about understanding how to blend the psychology of sharing with the commercial motivation of the incentive. From the early days of building Mention Me we recognised the importance of design and copy alongside the flexibility to learn from AB testing.

Later this month we are hosting our annual client event. It's a chance for all the great brands we work with to get together, share their learnings and plan how to take referral to the next level.

As part of the event we showcase some of the best refer-a-friend programmes in our 2018 Mention Me Awards.

We are delighted to share the lists of brands who have made the shortlist; They've all delivered standout referral programmes in terms of copywriting, design or testing.

Best Copywriting

  1. Heist
  2. Tea Pigs
  3. Public Desire
  4. Matches Fashion
  5. Papier 
  6. Ted Baker
  7. Hive

Referral Marketing Copywriting ShortlistBest Graphic Design

  1. Joseph Joseph
  2. Eve
  3. Juniqe
  4. Pasta Evangelists
  5. Links of London
  6. Swoon Editions
  7. Biscuiteers
  8. Wonderbly
  9. Schuh

Best Referral Design Shortlist 

Best AB Test

  1. Coast
  2. PayAsUGym
  3. Brora
  4. Swoon Editions
  5. Wonderbly
  6. Benefit Cosmetics 

Best referral AB test - shortlist

What a great list of brands who have really optimised their referral programmes according to their customer demographics! The winners will be selected through a peer vote and will be announced at the client event on 22nd March.

Shortlisted for the three other categories, which will be judged by a panel at our event, are:

Most Innovative Use of the Platform

  1. Tonik Energy
  2. Sun Savers
  3. Muddy Puddles
  4. Missguided
  5. Eve
  6. Huel

Most Innovative use of referral platform - shortlist

Best Promotion

  1. Benefit Cosmetics
  2. Police Mutual
  3. Biscuiteers
  4. First Utility
  5. Hive
  6. Swoon Editions

Best referral promotion - shortlist

Grand Prix

  1. Missguided
  2. Swoon Editions
  3. Juniqe
  4. Eve
  5. Astley Clarke
  6. Tribe

Grand Prix Shortlist

Congratulations to all those shortlisted! We look forward to announcing the winners on 22nd March.

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