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NRF recap

Reflecting on NRF 2024: Insights from Mention Me

Jocelyn Toonders
By Jocelyn Toonders — January 29, 2024 -

Read time: 5 minutes

Having recovered from jet lag and regained our voices, the team at Mention Me is eager to share the highlights and key takeaways from NRF 2024: Retail's Big Show that attracted over 700 vendors and 40,000 attendees. 

This event was more than just a showcase of the latest trends and technologies in retail; it was an invaluable platform for engaging with industry leaders, exchanging insights, and gaining new knowledge. It was so exciting for us to show off our customer advocacy intelligence platform and talk to retail customers about customer advocacy face to face. 


Highlights from Our Experience

Mention Me at the SAP Village

Right in the heart of the SAP Village, our booth was buzzing – the place to be, thanks to our awesome team and their knack for attracting and captivating a crowd. Chatting away about the superpower of customer advocacy, they made sure our spot was always the centre of the action. It was the perfect place to chat with other forward-thinking professionals, all about putting customers first. 

As we shone a spotlight on Mention Me, we scored some golden feedback and sparked exciting talks for future plans. 

It's the kind of stuff that gets us really excited – genuine connections, smart tech, and the kind of ROI that makes marketers do a happy dance.

Mention Me at the SAP Village


Our Socks Were a Huge Hit

Our unique, branded socks captured the attention of many, becoming a memorable part of our presence - Perfect for keeping feet warm in those freezing NYC temperatures. 


Joint Speaking Session with BrandAlley

We proudly participated in a joint speaking session featuring Michelle Hurney, Head of Marketing at BrandAlley, and Kat Wray, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Mention Me. This session was a treasure trove of insights, where we explored our trailblazing partnership that has driven remarkable customer engagement and impressive retention rates.

"Word of mouth referral is essential for sustainable business growth," Michelle asserted, highlighting the natural customer conversations that have been propelling BrandAlley forward. Keenly aware of their inherent advocacy, BrandAlley was poised to harness and amplify this organic advocacy to supercharge customer acquisition.

A particular highlight of our collaboration has been BrandAlley's adoption of the intuitive Name Sharing Tool that we offer—a true game-changer that has revolutionised the ease with which brand advocates recommend BrandAlley's exceptional shopping experience to friends and family, regardless of time or place.

During our session, some key successes stood out:

  • Referred customers from BrandAlley spend an astonishing 64% more in their initial six months.
  • These customers are twice as likely to make repeat purchases within the first 180 days.
  • Significantly, they introduce four times more new customers to BrandAlley, magnifying our advocacy potential.

Missed the session? Discover more in our recent case study on BrandAlley’s innovative use of advocacy data with Mention Me, SAP Customer Experience, and Emarsys.



Summary of Team Activities at NRF

Our team had a dynamic and engaging experience outside of the NRF show as well. Here's a brief overview:

Saturday Night: We kicked off with the NRF Welcome Dinner, a collaborative networking session with Emarsys, AnnexCloud, and Cinch. This was an excellent opportunity for our team to connect with industry partners and set the stage for our activities and plans for the upcoming days.

Sunday Night: The highlight was SAP's Retail Networking Event, a vibrant gathering that allowed us to meet a wider network of SAP stakeholders and prospects. The event was brimming with engaging activities, including chocolate making, creating personalised hats, a lively photo booth, and the crafting of bespoke sweets - notable for being featured at Kim Kardashian's Christmas party 

Monday Night: The team enjoyed a more relaxed and entertaining evening with a fun karaoke night hosted by Emarsys. This event provided a great platform for team bonding and unwinding after the day's activities.

Tuesday Night: We wrapped up our NRF experience with an exhilarating night of ice hockey at Madison Square Garden, watching the New York Rangers take on the Seattle Kraken. Hosted by Emarsys and AnnexCloud, we had the luxury of our own private box, adding an exclusive touch to this exciting sports event.

Summary of Team Activities at NRF


Strengthening Ties with SAP and Emarsys 

We cherished the face-to-face time with our strategic partners, SAP and Emarsys. Special thanks to Tal Zalibert, Peter Akbar, Murilo Costa, Tim Coffey, Tom Harris, Brain Falzone, April Tomlin, Joe Devine, TJ McIntyreSarah Richter, Geert Leeman, Imran Shahdad and Sven Denecken for making the event extra special for us and helping to deepen our connections and friendships, underlining the power of face-to-face interactions in business relationships.

In conclusion, NRF 2024 was not just an event but a convergence of ideas, innovation, and inspiration. For us at Mention Me, it was a reaffirmation of our commitment to driving customer advocacy through innovative strategies and collaborations. We left the event not just energised but also filled with anticipation for the future of retail and our role in it.

We are already excited about NRF 2025! See you there 

To understand how to deploy customer advocacy marketing for your brand, watch a demo of the world's first Customer Advocacy Intelligence Platform:

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