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Why referral is a perfect fit for menswear retailer SPOKE

Angela Southall
By Angela Southall — August 3, 2017 -

SPOKE is an exciting disruptor brand in the menswear market. Founded in 2014 it was born from the frustrations of finding quality menswear with a good fit. Customers quickly discovered their great fitting products took the pain out of shopping. With such a loyal customer base, SPOKE realised the potential that referral marketing could offer.

SPOKE selected Mention Me to power their referral programme, since the platform offered the elements they knew could make referral a key marketing channel; AB testing, innovative sharing options and a solution which could be tailored to suit their brand.


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The case study looks at some of the key findings from the SPOKE referral programme, including

  • The likelihood of a customer referring the brand
  • The increase in AOV of a referred customer
  • How AB testing drives increased performance

You can download the SPOKE Referral Programme case study here.

We also have a host of other case studies from our lovely clients from a variety of sectors. Check them out here.

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