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Top Takeaways from OMR 2024 in Hamburg: Insights for the Future of Digital Marketing

Amie Lane
By Amie Lane — May 31, 2024 -

Read time: 3 minutes

The OMR Festival in Hamburg, Germany, is a huge attraction for digital marketing professionals worldwide, offering a large amount of insights into upcoming trends, and strategies. This year's event was no exception, with leading experts and industry pioneers sharing their thoughts on the evolving digital landscape.

Here are the top learnings from OMR 2024 that we took away from the event:


The Rise of AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising the marketing domain, and companies like Mention Me are a part of this transformation.

At OMR, the impact of AI in marketing was a major theme, with experts discussing its role in enhancing customer service through chatbots and enabling personalised marketing strategies with advanced data analytics.

At Mention Me, we're using AI to sculpt dynamic and personalised customer journeys through our 'Propensity to Refer Prediction' feature. This innovative tool predicts the likelihood of customers recommending others and enables brands to tailor their outreach accordingly.

By incorporating AI, Mention Me isn't just optimising marketing efforts, but also building meaningful connections that resonate deeply with audiences, leading to enhanced engagement and conversion rates. Our AI-driven strategy provides deep insights into consumer behaviour, empowering brands to drive growth and forge stronger customer relationships.


The SAP Village at OMR 2024

Participating in the SAP Village at the OMR Festival 2024 was a great experience for us all at Mention Me, showcasing the partnership between advanced referral marketing strategies and SAP's robust digital solutions. Situated at the heart of the event, the SAP Village was a hub of innovation, where SAP displayed its latest advancements in enhancing customer experiences.

Paired with other leading tech innovators, Mention Me had the chance to demonstrate how seamlessly our platform integrates with SAP to empower referral marketing. This exposure allowed us to connect with other businesses and potential clients, further spotlighting our AI-driven tools that refine and personalise customer referral programs.

It was more than just showing off tech. The SAP Village was buzzing with ideas, tips, and deep dives into creating standout customer experiences. Being there underscored the power of bringing together Mention Me’s Advocacy Intelligence Platform with SAP’s broad business tools to push customer engagement and growth to new heights.


Networking and Entertainment Highlights at OMR 2024

OMR 2024 wasn't only about garnering digital marketing insights; it was also a hub for networking and entertainment A standout moment was the electrifying return of THE DISCO BOYS at the SAP Party, offering an evening brimming with music and dancing, paving the way for informal networking opportunities in a lively atmosphere. We loved the opportunity to develop relationships with industry peers, potentially sparking future collaborations and partnerships.

Additionally, the festival offered interactive masterclasses, co-exhibitor spaces, and dedicated areas where professionals engaged directly with thought leaders and tech innovators. These interactions were crucial for sharing insights, discussing industry trends, and exploring business avenues. 

OMR 2024 in Hamburg has once again set the stage for what's to come in digital marketing. From the integration of AI to strategic influencer marketing, the dynamics are shifting towards more ethical, user-focused, and technologically advanced strategies. The SAP Village highlights  how industry giants are increasingly recognizing the value in specialised digital marketing ecosystems. As we anticipate bringing these insights into practice, the future of marketing looks incredibly exciting.

Ready to adapt these trends into your marketing strategy? Let's discuss how these learnings can transform your business approach in 2024 and beyond. Get in touch with our advocacy experts today.

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