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How Mention Me is helping Laithwaite's Wine put the fizz into their referral programme

Angela Southall
By Angela Southall — April 9, 2018 -

Laithwaite's is the UK's biggest home delivery wine merchant. Its focus on quality combined with a highly personalised service means that they have an extremely loyal customer base.

The team at Laithwaite's wanted to harness this advocacy with a refer-a-friend programme, so turned to Mention Me to help them. Through a series of AB tests they are already seeing the results and referral now forms a crucial part of their marketing strategy.

"We love the AB functionality available with the Mention Me platform. It allows us to test which referral offers resonate best with our different customer segments" - Monika Antczak, Laithwaite's Digital Acquisition Manager

 Laithwaite's referral scheme promotion


Read the Laithwaite's Wine case study to learn how referral can become a successful marketing channel.

 Download the Case Study

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