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"It's word of mouth on Red Bull." How Db drives 5x ROI through Referral Engineering®


Check out this video case study to learn how Mention Me is accelerating growth for award-winning travel gear retailer Db. Or you can read our selection of highlights below.

Key highlights from the case study

With Mention Me, Db:

  • Is driving 5x return on investment through referral (plus the lifetime value of referred customers)
  • Continues to increase referral ROI through optimising its programme (unlike diminishing returns through Google and Facebook)
  • Is using referral as a massive part of its marketing strategy, working both short and long-term
  • Has integrated the Mention Me platform directly into its customer data platform Ometria
  • Tests elements like imagery to learn about customers and tailor content across every touchpoint
  • Tailors messaging beyond referral, such as by asking customers to join the newsletter or complete an NPS survey
  • Has grown its email database from 30,000 to 185,000 people (with Mention Me working alongside other channels)
  • Has found referrers and referees have a higher lifetime value than other customers in its database
  • Can pull reports from our easy-to-use platform


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