Schuh referral strategy success

Tailor-made referral program is perfect fit for footwear retailer Schuh


Carrie Bradshaw once said "There are two things you can never have too many of. Good friends and good shoes". So referral marketing for a shoe retailer makes perfect sense; a way to tap into the conversations between friends as they discuss their favourite shoe brand.

No wonder then, that in just a few short months, footwear retailer Schuh, is seeing great results from their refer-a-friend program.

Utilising the AB testing capability of the Mention Me platform, Schuh have undertaken a number of referral experiments to find what resonates best with their customers.

Schuh Referral Offer Example

Read the Schuh case study to find out:

  • how our unique "share by name" functionality helps Schuh capture real world conversations
  • about the positive impact refer-a-friend has had on AOV
  • how referral has been a great revenue driver

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