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Cultivating Stronger Connections: Proven Strategies to Nurture and Empower Your Customer Advocates in 2023

Proven Strategies to Empower Your Customer Advocates in 2023

Rosie Brown
By Rosie Brown — August 15, 2023 -

Read time:  9 mins

In the world of customer advocacy, the bonds between brands and their most loyal supporters are genuinely meaningful connections. In this insightful blog, we embark on a journey to uncover potent strategies that lie at the heart of nurturing and empowering your customer advocates in the dynamic and tricky landscape of business in 2023. 

As we navigate through these proven techniques, we'll illuminate the path to fostering genuine relationships that not only resonate but also drive your business toward enduring and sustainable success. Join us as we explore the art of cultivating stronger connections and harnessing the power of advocacy to unlock your brand's full potential.

When harnessed effectively, customer advocacy becomes a powerful tool that can catapult incremental revenue and boost profitability from the existing customer base, helping you not only survive but also emerge as a winner.

In this article, we will explore proven strategies to cultivate stronger connections with your clientele in 2023 and maximise the benefits of customer advocacy.


Creating Personalised Experiences: Tailoring Interactions for Customer Advocates

To build customer advocacy, it is essential to create personalised experiences that resonate with your advocates. By understanding their preferences, interests and needs, you can tailor interactions to make them feel valued and appreciated. Personalisation can include targeted emails, exclusive offers or customised content that speaks directly to their interests, potentially leading to the 5–8x ROI on marketing spend and a 10%+ increase in sales, as detailed by McKinsey.

When cultivating personalised experiences, start by collecting behavioural data about your customers. Advocacy signals include writing a review, leaving an NPS score, referring a friend, being part of a loyalty programme). Look within your MarTech stack - do you have the behavioural AI modelling tools that will pinpoint signals, like a customer's propensity to refer? When you replace your traditional RFM modelling with behavioural data, it can superpower how you use your customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Other tactics to consider are customer surveys to gather valuable qualitative insights and reading reviews.  Analyse customers purchasing behaviours, engagement patterns and demographics to segment your advocates into meaningful groups. This segmentation allows you to create highly personalised, omni-channel communication strategies for each individual group due to visibility into the holistic history of the customer’s interactions and their latest journey.   

Once you have identified your segments, craft tailored messages and offers that address the specific interests and needs of each group. Personalised emails with product recommendations based on their previous purchases or exclusive discounts for their favourite products can significantly enhance their experience. With the right tools in your MarTech stack, you can create segments of top customer advocates and then reward them with personalised benefits, such as early access to new releases or invitations to exclusive events. 

Investment in personalised experiences will let you not only strengthen the bond with your customer advocates but also demonstrate your commitment to their individual wants and needs, fostering long-term loyalty and advocacy. 


Measuring Success: Tracking and Analysing the Impact of Customer Advocate Strategies 

To assess the effectiveness of your customer advocacy programme, it is crucial to measure its impact. Tracking and analysing key metrics allows you to understand the success of your strategies and make data-driven decisions.

Start by defining key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your customer advocacy goals. These KPIs could include referral conversions, social media engagement, customer feedback or the lifetime value of customers acquired through advocacy. By establishing clear metrics, you can track the progress and impact of your customer advocacy initiatives.

Utilise analytics tools and tracking systems to monitor the KPIs you have identified consistently. Google Analytics, for example, provides valuable insights into website traffic, referral sources and conversion rates. Social media analytics platforms allow you to measure the engagement, reach and sentiment surrounding your brand. Regularly review these metrics and analyse the data to identify trends, strengths and areas for improvement.

In addition to quantitative metrics, qualitative feedback from customer advocates is equally valuable. Implement surveys, interviews and focus groups to gather their opinions, suggestions and experiences. This feedback can offer unique insights into the emotional connection your customer advocates have with your business.

Consistent evaluation and analysis of these metrics will equip you with invaluable insights into the effectiveness of your customer advocacy strategies. With this knowledge, you can fine-tune your approach, maximise your efforts and cultivate stronger connections with your customer advocates. 


Cultivating a Community: Fostering a Sense of Belonging Among Customer Advocates

Now that you’ve developed a customer advocacy strategy, you need a place that your beloved customer advocates can call home. A place where your brand's success story and the camaraderie among your fans come together is exactly what we're delving into next.

Building a sense of community among your customer advocates is essential for nurturing stronger connections. Think about creating opportunities for advocates to interact with one another, share experiences, and provide feedback. Online forums, social media groups and exclusive events can be ideal situations to foster a supportive community. Why? Because they make advocates feel special, valued and connected to your brand, and brand ambassadors should be active participants there.

Establish an online platform or forum specifically for your customer advocates to gather and engage with one another. This platform can serve as a space for advocates to share their experiences, exchange tips and advice and showcase their loyalty. Encourage active participation by initiating conversations, asking questions and highlighting exceptional advocate stories and host exclusive events or meet-ups where customer advocates can come together in person. These events provide a unique opportunity for advocates to connect with your brand on a deeper level and create lasting relationships. Consider organising workshops, product previews or even charity initiatives that align with your brand values to further strengthen the sense of community.

Furthermore, acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of your customer advocates within the community. Celebrate their successes, highlight their achievements and offer rewards and recognition for their advocacy efforts. This not only fosters a sense of belonging but also encourages other customers to become customer advocates themselves.

By cultivating a vibrant and engaged community, you create a network of like-minded individuals who amplify your brand’s message, advocate for your business and contribute to its long-term success.


Case Study

Huel, a nutritionally complete food maker, has utilised Mention Me’s customer advocacy platform for six years now, helping the company reach 12 markets globally. Through Mention Me, Huel has a crystal-clear understanding of the word-of-mouth recommendations’ impact.

They’ve observed that up to 22% of their customers actively refer their friends, and an impressive 60% of these referrals result in the acquisition of new customers. The benefits don’t end there — Huel’s referred customers bring in twice as many new shoppers compared to non-referred ones, making a substantial contribution to the rapid growth of their loyal community dubbed Hueligans. Along with it rises the referral revenue — by 12% Year-on-Year, to be exact.

The data-driven approach to advocacy has proven to be a powerful catalyst for expanding the customer base and fostering a thriving community.


Providing Exclusive Benefits: Rewarding and Appreciating Your Customer Advocates

One highly effective strategy for cultivating stronger connections with your customer advocates is by providing them with exclusive benefits that demonstrate your appreciation for their loyalty and advocacy efforts. By offering unique rewards and perks, you not only reinforce the value of their support but also incentivise them to continue promoting and endorsing your brand.

When designing your exclusive benefits programme, take a comprehensive approach to ensure it caters to your customer advocates’ diverse preferences and interests. Conduct thorough research and gather feedback from your advocates to understand what types of rewards they find most appealing and motivating. This valuable insight will enable you to create a programme that resonates deeply with them and enhances their overall brand experience.

Consider implementing a tiered rewards system that recognises and rewards different levels of advocacy, deepening advocates’ commitment as they strive for higher levels of engagement. For example, you could introduce levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, with each level unlocking progressively more exclusive benefits.

The benefits you offer could include:

Exclusive Discounts: Provide customer advocates with special discounts on products or services as a token of appreciation for their support. These exclusive discounts could be higher than those offered to the general public, reinforcing their status as valued advocates.

Early Access to New Products: Grant advocates early access to new product launches or exclusive releases, giving them a sense of being part of an inner circle and allowing them to experience and share their thoughts about your latest offerings before others.

VIP Events and Experiences: Invite your top customer advocates to exclusive events, such as product launch parties, industry conferences or behind-the-scenes tours of your facilities. Through these, advocates can connect with your brand on a deeper level and create memorable experiences, which they will be sure to share with others.

Personalised Gifts: Show your appreciation by sending personalised gifts to your customer advocates on special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries of their association with your brand. They will undoubtedly feel valued and a greater part of your brand through these small tokens.

Exclusive Content and Resources: Provide access to exclusive content, such as insider tips, industry insights, or educational resources specifically curated for your customer advocates. This demonstrates your commitment to advocates’ growth and success, further nurturing their loyalty and advocacy.

Referral Incentives: Develop a referral programme that rewards customer advocates for successfully referring new customers. Provide incentives such as discounts, store credits or even cash rewards for each successful referral, motivating the active promotion of your brand and the expansion of your customer base through trusted recommendations.

Regularly communicate and update your customer advocates about new benefits and rewards through personalised emails, dedicated newsletters or within the community platform. By transparently demonstrating your gratitude and appreciation for their loyalty, you are reinforcing the emotional connection between your brand and its advocates.


Leveraging Social Media Platforms: Engaging Your Customer Advocates Online

Social media platforms continue to play a vital role in engaging customer advocates and building stronger connections with them. Leveraging these platforms effectively can amplify your brand’s reach, foster meaningful interactions and cultivate a dedicated community of advocates. Let’s explore some key strategies for maximising the potential of social media in engaging your customer advocates:

Strategic Platform Selection: Identify the social media platforms that align most closely with your brand and have the highest count of your customer advocates. Conduct thorough research and analysis to understand which platforms your advocates prefer and actively use. This knowledge will help you focus your efforts on the platforms that will yield the highest engagement and reach.

Compelling Content Creation: Creating and sharing compelling content is essential for engaging your customer advocates on social media. Develop a content strategy that aligns with your brand values and resonates with your advocates’ interests. This can include a mix of informative articles, visually appealing images, engaging videos and interactive polls or quizzes.

Foster Two-Way Communication:  Social media platforms offer an opportunity for real-time and direct communication with your customer advocates. Actively respond to their comments, messages, and mentions. Show genuine interest in their opinions, address their queries promptly and thank them for their support. By engaging in meaningful conversations, you strengthen the sense of connection and reinforce that their voices are valued.

User-Generated Content (UGC): Encourage your customer advocates to create and share user-generated content related to your brand. UGC can include testimonials, reviews, photos, videos, or creative interpretations of your products or services. Highlight and feature this content on your social media channels, giving your advocates a platform to showcase their loyalty and creativity. This recognises their contributions and inspires others to become advocates themselves.

Advocate-Specific Campaigns: Develop social media campaigns specifically targeted at your customer advocates. These campaigns can involve contests, challenges or giveaways that spur participation and generate organic buzz. Encourage your advocates to share their experiences, stories, or creative content using branded hashtags. This user-generated content will not only excite your existing advocates but also attract new customers exposed to your brand community's authentic advocacy — especially if the campaign goes viral.

Collaborate with Influencers: Partner with influencers who align with your brand values and have a genuine following. Influencers can help amplify your brand’s message and reach new audiences. Collaborate with them to create authentic content highlighting your customer advocates’ experiences and encouraging their followers to become advocates themselves. This strategic partnership expands your brand’s visibility and credibility among its established communities.

Social Media Exclusive Offers: Provide exclusive offers and discounts specifically for your customer advocates on social media platforms to make them feel special, incentivise engagement and promote advocacy through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Remember to regularly analyse social media analytics and insights to understand which content and campaigns drive the best response from your customer advocates. Use this data to refine your social media strategy and optimise your efforts for better engagement and results.

By strategically harnessing the unique power of social media platforms, you have the ability to cultivate a dynamic and interactive online environment that fosters and strengthens the connections between your brand and its dedicated advocates. Through social media, you can amplify your brand’s message, extending its reach far and wide.


Adapting to Changing Needs: Staying Relevant and Connected with Your Advocates

As your customer advocates’ needs and preferences evolve, it is essential to stay relevant and connected. Continuously monitor market trends, conduct surveys and seek feedback to understand their changing expectations. Adapt your customer advocacy strategies accordingly, ensuring that your advocates feel heard and valued.

Practice what you preach and put yourself in the shoes of your customer. In a recent episode of The Business of Customer Love podcast, John Sills explains how Chilton Railway staff have to use the route they work on to really understand how their customers are feeling and behaving. CityMapper and AirBnB also encourage staff to use their products when they're expanding into new territories, so that they can truly see it through the eyes of the user.

Regularly conduct market research to stay up to date with industry trends, competitors and customer preferences. Analyse the data to identify emerging needs and adjust your customer advocacy approach accordingly. For example, if your advocates increasingly prefer video content, consider incorporating more video-based communication and engagement strategies.

Implement surveys and feedback mechanisms to gather insights directly from your customer advocates. Ask for their opinions on new product features, benefits they would like to see or improvements to your customer advocacy programme. Actively listen to their feedback and, when feasible, implement their suggestions. This iterative process demonstrates your commitment to meeting their evolving needs.

Encourage open and transparent communication channels with your customer advocates and implement a dedicated customer support system specifically for them, providing a channel for questions or concerns. Additionally, consider organising regular feedback sessions or advisory groups where advocates can provide direct input on your brand’s initiatives.

Stay ahead of the curve by experimenting with new technologies and platforms. For example, explore opportunities in emerging social media platforms or leverage artificial intelligence to enhance personalisation efforts. By embracing innovation and being proactive, you demonstrate your commitment to staying relevant and connected with your customer advocates.


The Continued Importance of Strong Connections

In 2023, cultivating stronger connections with customer advocates is more important than ever. You can nurture and empower your customer advocates by creating personalised experiences, measuring success, fostering a sense of community, providing exclusive benefits, leveraging social media platforms and adapting to changing needs. Remember, customer advocacy is a powerful driver of growth and long-term success, and investing in these strategies will strengthen your brand’s presence, loyalty, and customer acquisition.

Ready to unlock the full potential of customer advocacy and take your business to new heights? Turning brand fans into sustainable growth starts with revolutionising the way you cultivate customer advocates. With Mention Me’s powerful platform, you can seamlessly implement proven strategies to nurture, empower, and amplify your customer advocates. 

Get Started with Mention Me and experience the benefits firsthand. Discover how our innovative technology, personalised experiences, exclusive benefits and social media engagement tools can transform your customer advocacy programme. Our user-friendly platform and dedicated support team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you achieve remarkable results.

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