Mention Me hits £1bn revenue milestone

Don't take the milestones for granted: celebrate, reset and move on. Fast.


There’s an exhilaration that permeates every corner of an organisation in rapid scaling mode.

When the pace and acceleration of growth cranks up, it feels like there's a daily opportunity for every member of every team to contribute tangibly to the mission in hand.

As work goes, you can’t really ask for more. Especially when you consider how society traditionally feels about the notion of us selling our ‘labour’: the ‘nine-to-five’ narrative, ‘work to live, don’t live to work’ and all that.

When your organisation visibly works on its culture too (and I’ve been around long enough to know that the culture bit is never ‘done’; it requires constant focus), there is pressure on everyone. But it’s a shared and (for me anyway) intoxicating pressure. 

That’s where the business that I joined in February, currently is. On the back of the incredible commitment of everyone who’s ever been a part of Referral Engineering platform Mention Me, we’re in scale mode and smashing through the growth milestones with satisfying regularity.  

Back in September 2019, Mention Me announced it had delivered a cool £500m in revenue for its clients. It took us six years to get that massive milestone under our belt. 

Less than two years later, we’ve doubled that. Last week, we surpassed an astonishing £1bn revenue for our clients around the world. 

In another landmark achievement, we recently enabled the 20 millionth sharer to refer our clients’ products and services to peers. 

By this time next year, we conservatively predict our total revenue number to be close to £1.5bn. We think that’s the point at which we’ll also break through the 30m sharers mark.

That growth – those milestones – are visible across every part of the business. 

Following our participation in the SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement programme, Mention Me is now an official SAP partner, available to SAP customers on the SAP app store. Our Product and Engineering teams are constantly developing more capabilities within our Referral Engineering mission. Our clients drive hard commercial value from our platform, enhanced by the new use cases we’re enabling; newsletter-sign up and repeat purchases among them. 

So all is good. Right?

Well, yes. For now. Being part of a business in its scale-up phase is a brilliant and heady experience. The trick is not to get too used to those milestones. Take nothing for granted. Growth only comes to those constantly focused on it.

The wealth of collective experience among our Referral Engineers at Mention Me dictates that we’ll always set our next targets to be just out of comfortable reach. 

We’re a business experiencing rapid growth, built on market and consumer trends that are only getting more pronounced. Many of you know what that’s like – it’s fun. Join us on our journey.


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