Turn Black Friday shoppers into loyal customers


Multiply your customer base this Black Friday

Forget a single day: Black Friday is now the biggest week in the retail calendar. But all too often, retailers experience a short-lived spike in activity that quickly ends as bargain-hunting customers return to their regular go-to brands. Unless, that is, you motivate these newly acquired shoppers to introduce their friends. That's where this lookbook comes in.

Packed full of ideas and examples, it shows how you can get your brand noticed and turn Black Friday shoppers into loyal customers who recommend you to others. Featuring brand examples, insights and ideas, it’s guaranteed to inspire a referral campaign that sustainably grows your business, throughout the Christmas period and beyond.


anticipated average spend per person this Black Friday


more Black Friday orders and referrals YoY


more referrals than on the average day


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Black Friday campaign ideas

Black Friday is the perfect time to nurture brand advocacy while driving sales.
Here are some ideas to get you started (you can find more in our lookbook).

1. Extend your promotion

To a week, two weeks, or even the entire month. Keep it exclusive with time-limited offers on specific products.

2. Stackable offers

Give shoppers the opportunity to combine offers. The more friends they refer, the more rewards they earn.

3. VIP invites

Invite loyal customers to join your VIP programme for exclusive offers and rewards, like early access to sales or next-day delivery.


4. time-limited offers

Incentivise customers to buy again with time-limited offers, such as a free gift if they order before 31st December. 

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Beyond Black Friday

Many retailers see their sales spike during Black Friday – then dramatically plummet. With this in mind, we can help plan a promotional timeline that keeps your sales strong and steady, even into the new year.

We’d tailor this timeline to your business and specific requirements. In the meantime, here’s an example of how it’d work.

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