19 ways Referral Engineering® can change your business

Every business is different – and ‘one-size-fits-all’ referral widgets and plug-ins are too inflexible to make the most of referral marketing’s huge potential.

But Referral Engineering® – as enabled by our dedicated platform – is a different story. Our data-driven approach to referral empowers you to use referral in a huge variety of ways.

We’ve collected 19 of the most exciting use cases, complete with examples of how top brands are making Referral Engineering® work in precisely the way they need it to.



Find out how you can use our platform to...

  • Acquire new – and more valuable – customers
  • Launch new products and services, in new markets
  • Engage and energise your existing customers
  • Reinforce, reinvent or reinvigorate your branding
  • Turbocharge your martech stack with Referral Intelligence® data


“Once you put Referral Engineering® under the microscope, a whole new universe of possibilities opens up...”