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“Experimenting with A/B tests has given us valuable insight into our customers and promoting referral has been a great way to reiterate our brand’s message. We can’t wait to see what referral helps us to achieve next!”
Abbie Hodgson
Assistant CRM Manager
Lindsay - B&W
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“When we had to turn off marketing in March 2020, Mention Me was the only channel that we kept on. In May 2020, UK referrals grew 800% YoY — it was exceptional. You’re rewarding customers for talking about you, so it’s a love you’re giving back to them."
Lindsay Newell
Head of UK Marketing
Luke - Db
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“Our CEO used to go to a bag show and honk his car horn until people came around to look at our bags. Mention Me has allowed us to take that same mechanic and put more data and science behind it. It's word of mouth on Red Bull."
Luke Collins
Head of Digital
“With Mention Me, we’ve gained valuable insight into how to engage our customers and drive desired actions that build lifetime value. Since implementing our programme, we’ve significantly increased core marketing metrics, including a 10% uplift in second order revenue from high-value customers. Mention Me provides excellent ROI as a marketing channel.”
Steph Powell

Online Acquisition Manager

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Finn Lagun - Pasta Evangelists
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“We’re delighted to have acquired 20% of our new customers through referrals. Mention Me is in our top two marketing channels, both by number of customers acquired and overall revenue generated.”
Finn Lagun
Co-Founder and CMO
“The team took care of everything, from customer journeys to designs, aligning every element with our business goals. We’ve learnt about our customer segments and served highly targeted campaigns that drive results – including increasing repeat order revenue from low-value first-time customers by 7%.”
Clair Masson

Head of Ecommerce Trading

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“I’ve worked with Mention Me at two different businesses and have enjoyed a great partnership at both. The Client Success team takes the time to understand and align referral with our goals, provide great analysis of how we’re performing, and is always there to answer questions. Referral is now a valuable part of allplants’ acquisition strategy.”
Chloe Watt
Marketing Partner
Anni Noel-Johnson - Farfetch
“The Mention Me team is great to work with. The platform delivered really good numbers from day one, far surpassing our previous referral scheme. We’ll be rolling it out across all our sites as quickly as we can.”
Anni Noel-Johnson
VP of Marketplace Trading & Strategy
“Referral began delivering results almost immediately. It’s great to be able to measure the conversations happening about our brand and convert them into valuable new customers. We’re excited to build on this with AB testing and rolling out the programme internationally.”
Simon Jarratt
Global Acquisition & Media Manager
scotch and soda-min
“We have a great partnership with Mention Me. Our Client Success Manager understands and caters to our business as a high-end brand. Three years ago, people in North America didn’t know about Scotch & Soda. Refer-a-friend has undoubtedly helped to change that.”
Kathleen Tam
E-Commerce Operations & Project Manager
Victoria Ross - Eve Sleep
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“Our onboarding was super easy. Mention Me gave us a blueprint with some basic copy and a layout that would work, then they worked directly and collaborated with our copywriters and designers. The whole process was so easy.”

Victoria Ross
Relationships Manager
no1 lounges-min
“It was quick and easy to integrate promoting referral into our homepage. We started seeing results almost immediately via the user-friendly portal, where we can grab data in real-time on demand. Outsourcing referral takes out the heavy lifting and the Mention Me team is always super helpful with any questions.”
Alister Dell
Digital Marketing & Performance Manager
Aron Gelbard - Bloom & Wild
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“My favourite part of working with Mention Me is the responsiveness of the team. This was evident in the early days of set up where they got back to us really quickly and had really strong attention to detail.”
Aron Gelbard
David Gooch - ovo energy
“We always felt that referral should be a significant driver of acquisition for our business and with Mention Me it is becoming just that. What’s even more exciting is how much further we believe that we can take it from here.”
David Gooch
Commercial Director
“In just six months, we’ve gained invaluable insight into our customer base and generated some great results. We’re looking forward to running more split tests across our future campaigns to tap further into our customers’ everyday conversations and cover even more pets.”
Vicki James
CRM Manager
Rachel Glynn - Radley
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"Mention Me has informed a lot of our other marketing channels in a way that people wouldn’t expect. For example, we’ve been able to test what offer resonates best from a welcome programme perspective and roll that out to all our other marketing channels."

Rachel Glynn
Head of E-Commerce
Jennifer Jackson - Healthspan
“Referral quickly became the best channel we’ve launched in recent years and is one of the most attractive channels we have from a cost per acquisition perspective.”
Jennifer Jackson
Online Marketing Manager