Mention Me & Ovo Energy: Referral Case Study

OVO Energy have been leading the charge in improving the energy market in the UK since they launched in 2009.

With their unique approach, unparalleled customer service and great prices they have always believed that doing things well would be the key to their success.

Mention Me replaced an agency that Ovo Energy had been working with to manage their referral programme. There was immediate improvement and over the first four months the channel grew to represent 11% of online acquisition for them.

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Ovo Energy: Referral Program Case Study

“We always felt that referral should be a significant driver of acquisition for our business and with Mention Me it is becoming just that. What’s even more exciting is how much further we believe that we can take it from here.”

David Gooch

Commercial Director, OVO Energy

Mention Me & OVO Energy: Referral Case Study. Complete the form to download: