Do More With Data

Do More With Data

For all that marketing technologies and tools have evolved over the past two decades, a stubborn marketing question remains.

‘How can we get the most out of our data?’.


So we set out to find some answers. We've spoken to industry experts, shone a light on the brands using their data creatively, and predicted what marketers can expect to see in the future.


Now, we've brought our discoveries together to give you a potent playbook for making your customer data work effectively 👉


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Hear from the experts

Five industry leaders share their views on customer data.

The future
As brands learn how to harness data to improve the efficiency of their entire marketing stack, the possibilities will become truly endless. Our experts share what they expect to see.
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The examples
With so much customer data floating around your organisation, knowing where to start can feel tricky. We explore the forward-thinking brands using their data to drive exceptional results.
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The solutions
How can savvy brands maximise the impact of their customer data? Here are five ways marketers can turn these numbers into powerful action that benefits every single channel.
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The challenges
From rising acquisition costs to attribution and iOS changes, there are plenty of challenges when it comes to making data-driven decisions with confidence. Our experts share their top ten.
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Discover how to turn customer insights into powerful action.

Introducing: Do More With Data
Do you have more customer data than you know what to do with? Discover two smart ecommerce brands applying their data in innovative ways to make data-driven decisions with confidence – and how you can do the same.
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white paper
How SPOKE uses referral data to supercharge paid social
Following the iOS 14.5 tracking changes, SPOKE was finding it increasingly difficult to reach target consumers. Here’s how it overcame that challenge – driving up return-on-ad spend (ROAS) by 30% as a result.
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Do More With Data: Insights from industry experts
There's one big question on every marketer's lips: "How can we get the most out of our data?". With the help of some of the industry's experts, we've uncovered the answers. Find out how you can turn your customer insights into powerful action.
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